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Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter

Presenting Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter from the 2013 Star Wars Toy Line.

Now before you start rolling your eyes and think that Hasbro is just trying to pull a fast one to get your money, there actually is a reference to a Starfighter piloted by Master Yoda - besides, Yoda is simply just too cool not to have one for his own use.

In the canonic novel "Yoda: Dark Rendezvous", An actor named Palleus Chuff is asked to impersonate the Jedi Master and is tasked with piloting a Seltaya-Class Fast Courier.

Supposedly widely used by Jedi Knights in the last days of the Old Republic, and developed by Hoersch-Kessel Drive Inc., Chuff described the Seltaya's cockpit as being cramped and hot once the canopy was sealed. Further, it did have room for a single R2-series droid, was equipped with an internal hyperdrive but was armed only with laser cannons, no missiles.

Unfortunately there is some confusion on this matter because the novel also refers to another Seltaya that was more akin to a light-freighter than a starfighter.

Further, as discussed, the Seltaya only has laser cannons, Yoda's Starfighter has missile launchers as is indicated in Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter's blister card: "Yoda pilots an attack fighter to blast Super Battle Droids. The fighter is designed for hyperspace capability, which allows the Jedi Master to fly across the galaxy on solo missions. The craft's compact size and two missile launchers make it an ideal attack ship for Yoda to use in battle against the ever-present Battle Droid Army."

As you can see the package comes with a Yoda action figure with walking stick and lightsaber; Yoda's Attack Fighter, two missiles for the Attack Fighter's spring launchers, a Federation Super Battle Droid, and; a diorama background depicting what looks like the planet Geonosis.

What's to like about the Star Wars Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter?

It's Yoda in a Starfighter! If the idea of Yoda wielding a lightsaber left you dumbfounded in Episode II, then the idea of Yoda piloting a starfighter should drop your jaw as well.

And the starfighter is simply petite - just like how tiny Yoda's lightsaber is. So if Yoda pilots like he fights with a lightsaber, then this should be one incredibly fast and nimble starfighter that tears in-and-out of enemy formations sowing havoc and chaos while Yoda's gleeful laughter is being broadcast to his enemies.

Personally I prefer Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter without the extended missile launchers though it does give the Starfighter a nicer spinning profile:

And here's a size comparison between Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor - note the ill fated little R4-P17 in the droid slot. Speaking of droids, Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter has an R2 unit head that can be removed and attached to any "Assemble a droid" R2 unit. Or you can just leave it there. 

And here's another size comparison between Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter and Jedi Master Saesee Tiin's Delta-7 Aethersprite-Class Custom Light Interceptor.

I don't know if Jedi Master Saesee Tiin was really a great starfighter pilot or if he was just a "Master of Overkill".

Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter also comes with a pretty decent Master Yoda as a pilot figure:

His articulation could be a bit better, but he's pretty acceptable.

The Yoda Jedi Attack Fighter also come with an acceptable Federation Super Battle Droid. I'm not really a fan of these since they're incredibly difficult to stand. 

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter?

Well the packaging says that you can remove Yoda's seat so that you can fit in "most" Star Wars Character into the cockpit - which again supports the idea that this is a Seltaya-Class Fast Courier given Palleus Chuff's description of a cramped cockpit. However, I have yet to see a character that fits into there properly. 

First Master Saesee Tiin:

Your average sized Jedi master will fit in the cockpit of Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter, but you will not be able to close the cockpit. How about a smaller Star Wars Character? Say Ahsoka Tano?

The smaller Ahsoka Tano fits nicely into Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter and you can close the canopy. However note that she's lying down, not sitting up. The cockpit chair is simply not high enough.

Other than that? Nothing. Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter is a wonderful concept fighter. This particular Starfighter was given to be as a gift to celebrate the start of a new life for me and was purchased from Kramer's Toy Warden. It is available on Amazon for US 19.99 (Roughly PhP 819.59 plus shipping).

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