Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shae Vizla

Presenting the bounty-hunter with the best ass in the business, Shae Vizla from the Star Wars Old Republic Vintage Toy edition line.

Now obviously given how she's dressed she'd Mandalorian bounty-hunter. However there is no actual canon to date that places her as a distant relative of Pre Vizsla, leader of the Mandalorian Deathwatch - also note that there's an "S" in Pre Vizsla's name, and no "S" in Shae's.

To the uninitiated, Shae Vizla is a character from the Expanded Universe of Star Wars. Sheis, as mentioned, a Mandalorian Bounty-Hunter from Bioware's Star Wars: Old Republic on-line MMORPG. So don't be really surprised if you're not familiar with her particularly if you don't have another life on-line.

Shae Vizla would serve in the Great Galactic War and the Cold War that followed between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

This is actually Shae Vizla's first ever toy incarnation. And this fact is made quite evident on the packaging where it says that this is Shae Vizla's "Character Debut" and that she's a "Never before offered as a figure" figure. 

Nothing more is said about her on the blister card because... well it is a Vintage edition figure and they never say anything back there so don't bother. 

Shae Vizla sided with the Sith Empire and developed a great hatred for them when her brother was killed by the Jedi. She would later be instrumental in the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, alongside Darth Malgius, where she boldly fought against the Temple Security Forces.

What's to like about the Star Wars Expanded Universe Shae Vizla?

It's wonderful to have a strong female character in full body armor who can kick-ass as well - if not better - than Boba Fett or Jango Fett can. This probably explains why the female Mandalorian Bounty Hunters are so expensive.

Shae Vizla comes with all you see here, a finely toned body encased in beskar'gam (Which is probably made out of lightsaber resistant Beskar Iron over a black flight-suit. Shae Vizla comes equipped with two blaster pistols - one of which has a mounted scope on it (Probably the one that fires Plasma Bolts); a removable jetpack that fits nicely on her back with a tube that attaches to her breastplate; two flame gouts that slip into her wrist mounted flamethrowers, and; a curious - in the sense that it deviates from the traditional Mandalorian T-visor - helmet that bears what could very well be Jaig Eyes - Mandalorian symbols of courage that we discussed when we talked about the Star Wars Clone Wars Republic attack Dropship.

Unfortunately you have to snap her head off to switch between showing off her flaming red locks and the steel gaze of her death-mask.

I love the utter contempt in the sneer that was molded into Shae Vizla's face. Hasbro threw in a lot of detailing into this figure and it's definitely not just in her armor. She's absolutely beautiful and throws off an aura that makes you want to look at her, but not get caught looking at her lest she kills you.

Speaking of beautiful, I did mention that Shae Vizla has one of the best butts in the Star Wars Universe. Her derrière just sticks out there high and proudly - which is probably why they added the belt and Stormtrooper case just to hide that fact.

Hate to see her leave, but I do love to watch her go. Shae Vizla's articulation is also on par with that of the Vintage Edition Boba Fett so she's highly poseable, save for the inability to spread her legs which hampers her a bit:

And then you really have to love those Jedi stopping flamethrowers. Flamethrowers cannot be blocked by lightsabers and Jedi Robes do love to catch fire. Just ask Darth Vader.

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Expanded Universe Shae Vizla?

There are only two things wrong with this particular figure. Well maybe three. Two of them I've already mentioned: Shae Vizla has to swap heads. But then it would really be difficult to put all those beautiful locks of flaming red hair into a helmet without putting it into a bun - which would have been a waste, her red tresses are beautiful and add to her character; The second thing wrong is her inability to spread her legs which hampers her poseability.

The third problem with Shae Vizla is that she is commonly depicted with a rifle. She doesn't have one. But then I'm sure I can find one for her in storage.

Still a wonderful figure that looks great in my display case.

This particular Star Wars Shae Vizla figure was purchased from Amazon for PhP 1,237.42 (Roughly US$ 30 including shipping). 


  1. Now we had to wait for Bo Katan. Btw nice review this one owns alot of nice features rather than jango or boba

  2. Yup. Thanks! The only thing really wrong with her is her inability to spread her legs at the hips like the vintage editions Luke Skywalker and Jango Fett can

  3. This is an awesome figure, great articulation, detail and the accessories are as amazing.

    One thing though, they shouldve made her look more like the Gentle Giant maquette they released in 2012. That version was a lot prettier.

  4. Waay prettier. And that they should have given her that rifle


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