Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mother Talzin

Presenting Sweet Mother Talzin, Nightsister of the Witches of Dathomir from the Star Wars Clone Wars Darth Maul Returns 3-pack.

Before we go on, I should  probably mention that the Star Wars Clone Wars Darth Maul Returns 3-pack does not identify this particular action figure as our Dear Old Mother Talzin. It simply identifies the figure as a Nightsister.

This Nightsister definitely resembles Mother Talzin - down to the high horned head-dress, red leather armor, death-mask make-up and feathery exterior. Further, Mother Talzin was a key-element to the return of Darth Maul - using Force Magic to remove his spider-like appendages (Reducing them to two mechanical legs) and restoring Maul's sanity and memories - so this should be Mother Talzin.

Except Mother Talzin has never been depicted using a lightsaber - though she did give the "Bash Brothers" their lightsabers.

Unfortunately I picked up Mothher Talzin loose (I thought that she would be a fine addition to the recently featured Darth Maul and Savage Opress). I do believe the trio's blister card reads: "Darth Maul returns from the dead and is ready for battle on new cybernetic legs. With the help of his brother Savage Opress and a powerful Nightsister, Maul prepares to avenge himself against the Jedi who almost killed him."

The blister card again hints that this figure is Mother Talzin since it was just that "Powerful Nightsister" who restored Darth Maul to fighting form.

Oh and to the uninitiated, Mother Talzin was the leader of a coven of Dathomiri Nightsisters before and during the Clone Wars.

What's to like about Mother Talzin Nightsister?

I am in love with that facial make-up!

Would it come across as really creepy if I admit - that for some strange reason - Mother Talzin is quite a turn-on in this incarnation? She's HAAAWTTTT!!!! I actually consider her - in this incarnation mind you - at par with the hotness of Darth Talon.

But then that's me.

I'm particular fond of just how expressive the facial make-up makes this particular Nightsister. She goes from scary to confident and playful to devious to downright evil depending upon how the light shines on Mother Talzin.

Articulation as you can see is quite excellent. Mother Talzin can dual wield or single wield her lightsaber with the articulation of a Star Wars Vintage figure. You will however encounter some difficulty thanks to her unyielding shoulder pauldrons and that strict skirt.

And while you're at it, do check out the detailing that went into her leather outfit and even the uniqueness of her lightsaber hilt.If needed, the feather wing extensions on her back can be removed:

What's NOT to like about Mother Talzin Nightsister?

Aside from the aforementioned restrictions thanks to her clothing, this particular Nightsister's greatest problem is the fact that Mother Talzin has yet to be depicted using a lightsaber.
Mother Talzin is a Dathormiri Witch with a penchant for casting Force Lightning, teleportation (Probably a result of her ability to cast illusions) ,telekineses, Voodoo and the ability to cast a nigh impenetrable Force Bubble.

No lightsaber.

This particular Mother Talzin Nightsister was purchased from from Kramer Toy Warden for PhP 350 (Roughly US$ 8.54). The Star Wars Clone Wars Darth Maul Returns set is available on Amazon for US$ 19.99 (Roughly PhP 819.59 plus shipping).

She's a hot mama. 

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