Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marvel Universe: Commander Rogers

Presenting Commander Steve Rogers from the Marvel Universe Toyline.

To the uninitiated, Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, was killed at the end of the Marvel Civil War. Actually he wasn't killed and was just "Time displaced" by the Red Skull who wanted to take Steve Rogers' body for himself. Anyway that plot failed and Steve Rogers found himself in a world where he'd been replaced as Captain America by Bucky, his former sidekick - who was now going around carrying his original shield and wearing a uniform with an arrow that pointed towards his groin.

Anyway, he finds himself in a world where Norman Osborn is king and joins the resistance. When Osborn falls from grace, Steve Rogers is asked to replace him and he does. Bucky offers to relinquish his title as Captain America but Steve Rogers declines and takes on this new uniform and a new title and position: "Commander Rogers" the gun-toting head of SHIELD.

The Marvel Universe Commander Rogers figure actually doesn't come with the energy shield that Steve Rogers recovered from the ruins of the Avengers Mansion prior to joining the resistance against Norman Osborn. He instead comes with a thick pistol - definitely not a 9mm - and an M4 rifle with an under-slung M203 grenade launcher and a stand with his name on it.

Eventually though with the apparent death of Bucky Cap during the Marvel "Fear Itself" series, Steve Rogers re-donned the uniform of Captain America and picked up his shield again - only to have it shattered by Thor's uncle (It would be rebuilt by the Asgardian weapon-smiths later).

This is actually also not my first Commander Rogers figure having built a custom one prior to his return to the role of Captain America out of a Marvel Legends Agent of SHIELD figure and an WWII Ultimate Captain America. 

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Commander Rogers figure?

He's a, dare-I-say-it? A great looking figure. In fact some might criticize this particular figure for being quite Aryan in design what with the blond hair, blue eyes and strong jaw. No wonder the Red Skull wants this body. It's a wonderfully sculpted body depicting the pinnacle of human evolution.

And because of that, it's has incredible flexibility and poseability.

Though I'm not quite sure when it happened that Steve Rogers no longer had a problem with using guns.

But the real fund starts when you purchase a Marvel Universe Ultimate Gift set which recently went on sale in Toy Kingdom here in the Philippines dropping from PhP 3,000 (Roughly US$ 73) to PhP 1,500 (Roughly US$ 36.58). It's still available on Amazon for US$ 82.98 (Roughly PhP 3,402).

The Ultimate Gift Set fails to deliver providing lack-luster execution of Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Captain America. But it does include a translucent version of Captain America's shield, akin to the shield used by Commander Rogers. So PhP 1,500 for five salvageable, custom ready figures and a shield that enhances an existing great looking figure? Not a bad deal.

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Commander Rogers figure?

Other than he looks a tad bit Aryan - how so not Captain America - and did not come with a translucent shield, NOTHING for once. 

There is some difficulty though mounting the shield on his arm. The mounting clasp on my shield is a bit too large for Commander Rogers' hand. I'm holding it in place with tack. 

Commander Rogers was purchased loose from the black market of Greenhills here in the Philippines for PhP 350 (Roughly US$ 8.53). He's available on Amazon for US$ 8.99 (Roughly PhP 358plus shipping). 

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