Friday, April 12, 2013

Marvel Legends Heroic Age Iron Man

Presenting the Heroic Age - or Bleeding Edge - Iron Man Armor from the latest Marvel Legends Iron Man Series.

I have to say that I really wasn't too keen about this latest series of Marvel Legends - like we need another Iron Man figure right? But I was intrigued as to whether or not this particular Marvel Legends would stand up to the articulation of one of the nicest Marvel Universe figures I have in the Dungeon: the Iron Man Bleeding Edge Modular Armor.

That and this is, by far, my most favorite Iron Man armor variant - well this and the Silver and red armor. The jury is still out on whether or not I like his current dark red and yellow armor.

And I hated the Extremis armor.

The Heroic Age Iron Man's blister card reads: "Heroic Age Iron Man: Full body Nano-tech integration. Self-Repairing Technology. Weapons formed with only a thought. This is beyond advanced. This... is the Bleeding Edge!"

So as we mentioned in our Iron Man Bleeding Edge Modular Armor review: "The Bleeding Edge Armor is not as presumptive as the Extremis Armor even though it is, as Tony Stark put it "... What comes next." Instead of making him the pinnacle of humanity and more of a prime example of what nano-technology can do in terms of shapeshifting which I have to admit is pretty cool. 

Which is probably why it's also referred to as the Modular Armor because whatever Tony Stark needs, the Armor can adapt to - whether that means assuming the form and look of clothes, or forming boxing gloves, or forming a laser sword."

What's to like about the Marvel Legends Iron Man Series: Heroic Age Iron Man?

His articulation actually surpasses the articulation of his little cousin thanks to his wrist articulation - Iron Man can actually lift his palm - which was a concern from our Iron Man Bleeding Edge Modular Armor review - and he can actually move both shoulders forward into an extended firing position just like the very first Marve Legends Iron Man figure could.

And as you can see, his leg and hip articulation are  slightly better allowing for the better execution of this classic Iron Man pose.

As you can clearly see here: Iron Man Bleeding Edge Modular Armor on the left, Marvel Legends Heroic Age Iron Man on the right:

If I didn't mention which-is-which, I don't believe it would be easy to determine which one is a Legends figure and which one is a Universe figure.

More on the Marvel Legends Heroic Age Iron Man's wonderful hand articulation:

Heroic Age Iron Man's arm articulation is so good, he can actually clasp his hands together:

The Heroic Age Iron Man is such a delight to photoshop. A lot can also be said about the detailing that went into the over-all figure. I'm particularly loving the white on blue paint job in Iron man's eyes.

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends Iron Man Series: Heroic Age Iron Man?

Heroic Age Iron Man's Trapezius muscles are huge!!!! They stand out and make him look like he's slouching or that his armor was stolen and donned by Batista - or Ryback for our younger readers. 

Also while I love the paint detailing that when into him, I miss the more metallic, darker hues of the Iron Man Bleeding Edge Modular Armor

And he could really use a stand. Perhaps something to help him pose in the air?

This particular Marvel Legends Heroic Age Iron Man was purchased from Toys R' Us in Galleria here in the Philippines for PhP 899.75 (Roughly US$ 21.95). He's available on Amazon for US$ 16.24 (Roughly PhP 665.84 plus shipping). He also comes with the left-leg of the BAF Iron Monger figure. 

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