Saturday, April 27, 2013

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman

Presenting Wonder Woman from the DC Unlimited new 52 Toyline.

This particular figure was purchased loose from the Black Market of Greenhills here in the Philippines. Apparently the local market is flooding with loose versions of Wonder Woman from the DC Unlimited Toyline.

I was unfamiliar with the DC Unlimited Toyline and I have to admit I purchased this on a whim. I was thinking "Oh! Hot chick!" when I picked her up.

Because of that I failed to realize that she was incomplete till I noticed the sword strap hanging empty above her shapely buttocks.

Let that be a lesson to us all.

Still: "Hot chick!"

DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman's blister card (Which I didn't have since this was purchased loose) reads: "Naturally Confident, Strong-Willed and Compassionate, Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the Immortal Amazons from Greek mythology. When army pilot Steve Treveor crashes on their secluded island paradise, Themyscira, Diana is compelled to experience the outside world. With superhuman strength, stamina, and the ability to fly, Wonder Woman is a warrior for peace who embodies beauty, intellect and equality."

The DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman was sculpted by Four Horsemen Studios (Chris Dahlberg, Jim Preziosi, Eric Treadaway, and H. Eric Mayse).

What's to like about the DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman has a very decent sculpt and possesses fine articulation.

It would have been nicer if I had her Xiphos (Greek double edged sword), so that the little tail hanging from her back would make sense, but I don't have it. Wonder Woman's Xiphos is also finely detailed so it's really a loss not to have that little item - though it can be replaced with other swords.

Here are samples of her high articulations:

Wonder Woman can even kneel:

What's NOT to like about the DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman?

I'm sure you've noticed by now that the DC Unlimited New 52 Wonder Woman has a really freaky pair of eyes. They're quite distracting and with the thick mascara it's really hard not to see them. 

I also wish that she resembled the buxom glory that Jim Lee had created.

Another problem is the disproportionate size of her body. I don't know if her torso is too short or her legs are too long. Something is out of whack and it's making her look like a pre-pubescent teenager. 

It's also sad that her lasso doesn't come off. It's just stuck there. 

And lastly, yes, her hair does get into the way of her turning her neck.

This particular DC Unlimted New 52 Wonder Woman was purchased from Kramer's Toy Warden for PhP 299 (Roughly US$ 7.29). She's available for US$ 30 (Roughly PhP 1,200) on Amazon plus shipping.

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