Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine

Presenting the Wolverine in his X-Force uniform from the Marvel Legends Hit Monkey BAF series.

I have to admit that I actually stopped blogging about Marvel Legends for the simple reason that they were a) becoming a pain to store; b) Marvel/Disney had produced some really hideous Marvel Legends with varying levels of articulation that gave insult to the name "Marvel Legends", and; c) I was having more fun playing with my Transformers and GI Joes.

I only picked up the Red She Hulk because I thought she was hot, but I did indeed like what I saw in terms of articulation and quality, so I tried the X-Force Wolverine.

And I have no regrets about it.

To the uninitiated - as if anyone who visits this blog would not already know - when Cyclops banded the world's surviving mutants in Utopia and gave in to the paranoia of the fact that their species was facing extinction (Instead of making babies with the White Queen :D ), Cyclops asked Wolverine to form a squad that would end all threats to what was left of mutant-kind.

With that, the black and gray clad X-Force was born.

According to X-Force's wiki "Over the Course of the volume at least 18 characters got killed off and 3 were long time characters."

Though to be fair, Ariel was brought back to life later.

X-Force Wolverine's blister card simply reads:  "He uses his super-sharp claws and unbreakable Adamantium Skeleton to wage secret war on behalf of mutants everywhere."

I'm glad though that Marvel realized that X-Force was a contradiction with the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters

What's to like about the Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine?

The fine sculpting and classic articulation - nuff said. He's not just another Wolverine or a repaint of an existing Wolverine. The facial sculpt is new and the flanges of his cowl are shorter - matching his appearance in the X-Force comic book and the shorter flanges of his new yellow-and-blue non-X-Force outfit (So if you want to, you can actually customize this one).

The claws are a nice touch. Previous Wolverines have always come with poor, soft claws that more often than not were distorted, bent.You would have to heat them to fix them. I still see a few distorted claws in the packaging, but in general, they shouldn't be a problem. They're also individually mounted in shallow slots. So technically - with some care and loving - you can remove each claw and have a claw-less version.

X-Force Wolverine also comes with wonderful shoulders that allow him to pull his arms back or thrust them forward resulting in some new and really bad-ass classic Wolverine poses.

And the X-Force Wolverine was wonderful leg articulation to back up his upper body articulation:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine?

There's actually only one problem that I see with this Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine, see the bands around his legs? The straps that hold his boots in place also prevent his ankles from articulating his body forward. 

Other than that, it's near perfect and one of the nicest, if not the nicest Wolverines to ever be introduced into the market - personally for me the only one who can be better is the Wolverine modern costume variant where Logan has his cowl down. 

This particular X-Force Wolverine was purchased at  retail at Toys R'Us Galleria here in the Philippines for PhP 899.75 (Roughly US$ 21.95). He's available in Amazon for US$ 21.50 (Roughly PhP 881.50 plus shipping).

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