Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dream Maker Warriors from Cyborgtron - Optimus Prime Upgrade

Presenting the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime upgrade from 3rd Party toy makers, Dream Maker (AKA Warriors from Cyborgtron).

I'm a great fan of 3rd party toy manufacturers - despite the fact that main toy manufacturers tend to look down on them. I'm a fan because I truly do appreciate the effort that goes into making what is already a great toy even better.

Take for example the Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime - a truly offal toy the likes of which has never been seen in a long time. God I hated that Prime.

Then came along the Battle Tanker Upgrade and the Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime suddenly became one of the sexiest Primes on the block.

So when an upgrade appeared for one of the best Primes EVER!!! I just had to get it.

Granted that this is not the first upgrade that I've given to a War For Cybertron Optimus Prime. My first upgrade was the Battle Axe from Corbot V - a wonderful and incredible upgrade that I super-love. The only complaint was that the Battle Axe from Corbot V was a one-sided Battle-Axe which did make an appearance in the War for Cybertron, but the more common version to appear was a double sided Battle-Axe.

Well the people from Dream Maker dared to take it a step further. Not only did they provide what you see here - an axe that goes from single to double-bladed; but they also provided the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime with what resembles an Ion Blaster a Neutron Repeater, AND; a new chest piece for the War of Cybertron Optimus Prime complete with a Matrix of Leadership.

First let's look at that fine Battle-Axe:

Unlike the Corbot V Battle Axe, the Dream Maker Warriors from Cyborgtron (Cute isn't it how they avoid a law-suit simply by changing a few letters) is a one-handed weapon (Note that The Corbot V Battle-Axe can also be a one-handed weapon, but it looks better as a halberd).

Now the Dream Maker Warriors from Cyborgtron Axe has four finely crafted flame-orange blades with a matte finish. Each of the blades has some minor articulation that allows you to bring each of the blades closer for a more solid look or further apart from each other for a more wicked look.

And lastly the shaft can be folded to form a one-sided, double bladed cleaver instead of a double bladed Battle-Axe.

Here is the War For Cybertron Optimus Prime with his Dream Maker Warrior from Cyborgtron Battle-Axe blades fully extended. The War for Cybertron Optimus Prime's excellent articulation leads to some really wonderful poses:

Next up are the Ion Blaster and the Neutron Repeater:

The "Neutron Repeater" actually clips to the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime's original Ion-rifle (Which, we should take the time to point out, actually DOES NOT make an appearance in the video-game. The extended version of the "Neutron Repeater" does not resemble anything from the video-game either).

The result: two really kick-ass weapons that Prime can wield in either hand or individually. Personally I'd rather only have him carry one at any point of time.

The bad news is that you can only mount one of them onto Prime's back when he transforms. But then again none of the weapons ever looked good on Prime in his truck mode anyway.

Also, unlike the Neutron Repeater that appears in the video game, the Dream Maker Warriors from Cyborgtron Neutron Repeater is double barreled.

Both weapons can also be mounted on the other hard-points on Prime's body.

Here's the double-barreled Neutron Repeater:

Here's the very macho-looking Ion Blaster:

And last up are the new Chest Piece and Matrix:

Let's start by noting that the chest piece you see on the War For Cybertron Optimus Prime now has pink highlights versus the original metallic gray highlights of the original chest-piece. Personally I think that it's a nice touch and looks better on Prime.

Now I do have a problem with the chest piece: There are no instructions in the box - but then it's not that hard to figure out. Simply turn Prime around and take out all four screws holding his rear chest plate down, and then remove a fifth screw that will free his Chest-Plate. Remove a small panel that keeps the panel from spinning loosely around, and replace the chest-piece. Replace screws and voila!


My problem is that I got the fifth, central screw stuck and busted the head on it's way back in, so I can't really show you how to do it. 

But it looks incredible! Optimuos Prime's chest now opens up to reveal the Autobot Matrix of Leadership:

That Prime can remove, but unfortunately not grasp:

This extremely excellent upgrade was purchased from Greattoysonline in Greenhills for PhP 1,400 - and I received a 10% discount so I only paid PhP 1,260 (Roughly US$ 30.73).

Worth every penny in my book.

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