Sunday, February 10, 2013

Power Girl's Boob Window is Back

Courtesy of ArcosArt

Power Girl's "Boob Window" so that her bodacious chimichangas can once again greet the world is supposedly making a come-back in the upcoming World's Finest # 12 in May.

I'm not so sure why DC feels the need to change classic designs and piss off almost all of it's readers just to try a more "modern" politically correct look - when they end up half naked in the comic books anyway.

I mean let's face it: Men don't read Wonder Woman because we believe in her ideals; We read Wonder Woman because we like to look at a half-naked woman prancing around in public.

And the writers do get this.

Prior to World's Finest, Power Girl did have her own comic book series and more often then once the writers would involve or try to inject humor about her ginormous Flapjacks (July 2009 - Oct 2011)

Now that's not incredibly politically correct, but in this day and age? If you're that well endowed, you might as well embrace reality and flaunt it. It's a reality. Besides, in Power Girl's own words (JLE #37 - 1992) Power Girl says that the infamous "Boob Window": "shows what I am: female, healthy. If men want to degrade themselves by staring, that's their problem, I'm not going to apologize for it."

At the very least it tells me I shouldn't do this in public.

From Power Girl Vol. 2
And I'm sure Power Girl really encounters this problem:
Courtesy of Frank Cho -

Do check out the return of the "Boob Window" in World's Finest # 12 coming out this May:

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