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Marvel Legends: Red She-Hulk

Presenting the Marvel Legends Red She-Hulk.

Wow. Apparently it's been a while since I reviewed a Marvel Legend. I suppose I kinda stopped collecting these after I packed most of my Marvel Legends due to space constrains in favor of my Transformers and GI Joes.

So it has been a while since I picked up a Marvel Legend of the shelves. I passed on a very expensive loose version of Archangel, a cross-eyed version of Hyperion and picked up the Red She-Hulk instead.

How could I say no to such glorious Olypic sized endowments?

And to think I've never been that much a fan of Elizabeth "Betty" Ross.

To the uninitiated, Betty Ross is back from the dead - having been resurrected by MODOK at the request of her father, General Thunderbolt Ross (The Red Hulk) who had been keeping her in cryonic stasis. Betty Ross is subjected to the same procedure that transformed General Ross into the Red Hulk and is brainwashed by the now villainous ex-hero-psychiatrist Doc Samson into being more aggressive.

The new Red She-Hulk is unleashed as a weapon to kill General Ross - draw. So after that it's a long series of fist-fights and romantic entanglements between the Red She-Hulk and the original Green Hulk - her former husband, Bruce Banner, which goes on and on till the Fear Itself cross-over series where she gets a sword from the Asgardians to fight the Serpent's "Worthy" All the heroes' weapons are destroyed after EXCEPT the Savage Sword of the Red She-Hulk - that she actually keeps.

This is actually not the first She Hulk we've featured in the Dungeon; as we featured the 2007 SDCC She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) in 2011.

"Hercules was here"
The 2007 SDCC She-Hulk stands a full inch (8"inches) taller than the Red She-Hulk (Around 7" inches). But I think that the Red She-Hulk's tympanies are bigger.

What's to like about the Marvel Legends She Hulk?

Let's begin with the facial sculpt. I LOVE IT!!! It's way better than the dour, deer in the headlights sculpt of the 2007 SDCC She-Hulk, there's drama, power, anger and determination all under a lion's mane of hair. It's someone you definitely would not want to fight with especially when she walks around with a BIG Savage Sword.

Articulation is both better and worse than that of the 2007 SDCC She-Hulk. While she doesn't have the 2007 SDCC She-Hulk's the ability to "crunch" she does have the ability to twist her upper torso. An add on would have been the ability to twist her lower torso as well which she does not. Happily despite having all that hair, the Red She-Hulk still has the ability to turn her head as the hair is soft enough to adjust.

The Red She-Hulk's Sword fits slightly loosely in her hand - and she can only hold it in one hand. Speaking of hands, I love the detailing that went into her gloves.

And of course, it's really great that the Red She-Hulk can kneel - very Red Sonja:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends She Hulk?

Aside from the lack of another hand that can grasp - it would actually have been great if Marvel/Disney actually either articulated each hand or provided alternate hands like they did with the 2007 SDCC She-Hulk - and the reduced head articulation thanks to her hair, the Red She Hulk suffers from being incredibly top heavy, so posing her proved to be quite difficult - even with the use of tacks or mounting pegs. The Red She Hulk's glorious bazinga's combined with the lion's mane of hair make for an incredibly heavy figure.

Also, I think she would have looked sexier with thigh-high boots or something, rather than the low-cut boots that - at times makes her look quite awkward.

The Red She-Hulk is available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 26 (Roughly PhP 1,066 plus shipping). This particular Red She-Hulk was purchased at retail from Toy Kingdom here in the Philippines for PhP 899.75 (Roughly US$ 22).

With some modifications? Well, well worth it. I see a plethora of potential custom build figures - maybe a Wonder Woman - being born from this template.

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