Thursday, December 13, 2012

Star Wars: HK-47

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Presenting HK-47 from the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Video Game.

For the uninitiated HK-47 is a production line Hunter Killer Droid, series 47 - when you think about it, he probably needs a better name than HK-47 then to distinguish himself from other HK-47s, but then I've never quite understood how droids in the Star Wars universe are able to distinguish who-was-who.

Following the devastating end of the Mandalorian Wars, HK-47 was constructed by the fallen Jedi Darth Revan to assassinate targets that Darth Revan identified as "potential threats to the stability and order of the galaxy" (Think X-Force but in the Star Wars Universe).

HK-47 - whose name was actually inspired from the infamous Assault Rifle -  was released as part of the new Star Wars Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid Factory Action Figure line. Yes, this particular HK-47 is a BAF figure and if I remember correctly you need at least 6 figures to complete him - head and weapon, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg.

What's to like about the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic HK-47?

Definitely the detailing. It's really hard to find a clean section or whole body part of HK-47 that isn't scruffed up. I'm particularly fond of the facial paint job that looks like someone applied sandpaper to his face. It's a wonderful testament to how this particular droid is all business.

I once wrote that I did not understand why someone super rich like Boba Fett could not afford a new paintjob. Looking at HK-47, I'm now pretty sure that it's not that they can't afford it, but that they perceive these dings and dents to be badges of honor.

Articulation is also quite nice. HK-47 can almost look down the barrel of his blaster rifle as he would in the video game.

And yes, not only can HK-47 run around, he can actually kneel. The kneeling pose is made better by the articulation of his torso that gives it a more spine-like ability to cant left or right instead of just forward and back:

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic HK-47?

While HK-47's articulation may seem quite awesome - and it is - it is hampered by the lack of ball shoulder and  hip joints. It would be really an incredibly wonderful figure if he did.

Another problem is that his blaster rifle (Shotgun?) is kinda tiny - not that size matters - for such a lanky figure. HK-47's wookie talks about how his favorite weapon is a Droid Assassin's Rifle. What he has is most definitely NOT a Droid Assassin's Rifle. If you have this figure, you've probably thought of giving him something perhaps with a sniper scope and a bit more punch.

The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic HK-47 is not available on Amazon. However the figures that you can collect to build him are. It's the Star Wars Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid Factory Action Figure line that includes Beru Whitestone and Owen Lars - Luke Skywalker's adoptive Uncle and Aunt.

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