Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fall of Cybertron Kickback

Presenting the Transformers Fall of Cybertron Kickback.

I remember when playing the Fall of Cybertron video game that there was no way that the Insecticons would be able to trump the freshly minted Grimlock and his Dinobots - and I was right.

No one trumps Grimlock.

But the Insecticons did give it a good fight and we do have to take into consideration the fact that they did take Sludge.

To date, Kickback is the only Insecticon to come out of the Fall of Cybertron Video game as an actual figure. Hopefully Sharpshot and Hardshell are not far behind.

Oh and if you're a fan of the Transformers Animated Movie, then do look to the homage that involves Kickback made during the Fall of Cybertron marked by those infamous lines "Excuse me"

Fall of Cybertron Kickback's blister card reads "As the leader of his own squad of Decepticons Kickback is more independent than most of those under the command of Megatron. He uses his freedom to surround himself with friends, who he then blackmails into becoming his servants."

It's actually interesting to find a Decepticon who actively goes out to make friends. If you cut out the blackmail portion, you'd think he was an Autobot.

FOC Kickback's statistics read as follows:
  • Strength - 9 - interestingly strong for an insect
  • Intelligence - 9 - At first this was a surprise, but then I remembered the "Friends" and "blackmail" portion.
  • Speed 6 - surprisingly slow
  • Endurance 5 - And not very enduring.
  • Rank 9 - Well he does have a legion of mini-insecticons at his beck-and-call
  • Courage 6
  • Fireblast 6
  • Skill 7
Kickback also has a psychotic tick that makes him repeat his words words.

What's to like about the Fall of Cybertron Kickback? 

Kickback is not a bad adaptation of the videogame Kickback - albeit he's a bit.... skinnier than his videogame counterpart.

Admittedly I'm disappointed that he doesn't quite feel like a creepy-crawly insect, it's still a fine design. I'm particularly fond of his arm extension that go over his shoulders, the shoulder pauldrons, the mandibles on his jaws,  and even the vestigial legs sticking out from behind his back.

but of particular delight are the vambraces over his forearms that can be extended and used as blades - though there's some difficulty locking them into place.

Now FOC Kickback also comes armed with a pair of blades that serve as the membranes of his insectoid wings when he transforms into a Locust:

FOC Kickback also comes with one of the hardest and most frustrating weapons that can be used in the Fall of Cybertron videogamel; the Gear Shredder:

What's NOT to like about the Fall of Cybertron Kickback? 

There are quite a few things NOT to like about the FOC Kickback. The first is his locust form. No matter what I do or try, Kickback just refuses to look like an insect. He's not chitinous enough nor Locust enough. I simply don't know what he is when he transforms:

Can anyone tell me what that is?

He also has quite limited articulation and has difficulty kneeling:

It would have also, as previously mentioned, been pretty radical if Kickback could use his upper pincers as forward attack weapons. They can't unfortunately be angled directly forward, just slightly forward and up.

Still the Fall of Cybertron Kickback is a wonderful figure to have especially if Hasbro later releases the other Insecticons - and hopefully the Dinobots as well. This particular Fall of Cybertron Kickback was purchased for PhP 699.75 from Toys R'Us here in the Philippines. This deluxe sized Decepticon is available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 44.99 (PhP 1,889.58 plus shipping).

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