Monday, December 31, 2012

Transformers FOC Grimlock

Presenting the Fall of Cybertron (FOC) Grimlock! One of the best - if not the best - thing to come out of the Transformers Fall of Cybertron is, hands-down - is being able to play the Mighty King, Grimlock!

And what a character he is to play! Grimlock is a walking tank, he shrugs off damage, grabs Decepticons and repeatedly stabs them with his Bastard Sword to recover health or use them as handheld weapons or thrown projectiles, and has a nigh-impenetrable shield to keep him safe. He's a tank! A Lord of the Battlfield! While playing him, you can't help but mutter "Me Grimlock, King!"

And of course he commands the Dinobots who are all similarly tough and unstoppable forces of nature

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Haul

Not much of a Christmas Haul this year. And even after the festivities have died down, I have to say I really didn't feel the season. I don't know if it's because of work or just the season that's bringing me down.

Anyway, melancholy aside, we did get a few nice items to join the Dungeon, the biggest being an Apache Helicopter and Rocket Hauler both from Team Heroes; Soundwave, Ratbat, Frenzy and Starscream from the Transformers War of Cybertron Toy Line.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fall of Cybertron Kickback

Presenting the Transformers Fall of Cybertron Kickback.

I remember when playing the Fall of Cybertron video game that there was no way that the Insecticons would be able to trump the freshly minted Grimlock and his Dinobots - and I was right.

No one trumps Grimlock.

But the Insecticons did give it a good fight and we do have to take into consideration the fact that they did take Sludge.

To date, Kickback is the only Insecticon to come out of the Fall of Cybertron Video game as an actual figure. Hopefully Sharpshot and Hardshell are not far behind.

Oh and if you're a fan of the Transformers Animated Movie, then do look to the homage that involves Kickback made during the Fall of Cybertron marked by those infamous lines "Excuse me"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus

Presenting Ultra Magnus from the Transformers Fall of Cybertron line.

On to the obvious! Yes, he's a repaint of the FOC Optimus Prime with a cooler weapons and a new head. That's one way of looking at it. The other way is to think that he's actually the original and the FOC Optimus Prime is the repaint.

Another pretty obvious item worth mentioning  is that this particular incarnation of Ultra Magnus DOES NOT appear in the Transformers Fall of Cybertron Game. The Ultra Magnus that appears in the FOC game  as an exclusive to Nintendo has a design more akin to the Transformers Animated Series Ultra Magnus and bears a hammer, not the sword - which by the way bears a striking semblance to the one used by FOC Optimus Prime.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Star Wars: HK-47

EXCLAMATION: Did you hear that meatbag? I'LL BE BACK!!!
Presenting HK-47 from the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Video Game.

For the uninitiated HK-47 is a production line Hunter Killer Droid, series 47 - when you think about it, he probably needs a better name than HK-47 then to distinguish himself from other HK-47s, but then I've never quite understood how droids in the Star Wars universe are able to distinguish who-was-who.

Following the devastating end of the Mandalorian Wars, HK-47 was constructed by the fallen Jedi Darth Revan to assassinate targets that Darth Revan identified as "potential threats to the stability and order of the galaxy" (Think X-Force but in the Star Wars Universe).

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Infinite Crisis Wonder Girl - Donna Troy

Presenting Donna Troy as she appeared as Wonder Girl during DC's Infinite Crisis.

Before Cassie Sandsmark added a pair of Levis and an Eagle breastplate to this iconic costume, the Red and Gold Star Spangled Tights - and the name Wonder Girl - were actually worn/used by Donna Troy - who later opted to don a similarly cut set of tights but more reflective of the black of space and drop any sense of hiding her secret identity.

I actually have both of them - Donna Troy as Wonder Girl and Donna Troy as... well Donna Troy - but a lot of people may have forgotten or missed the fact that once-upon-a-time Donna Troy was actually just a young girl following the footsteps of Wonder Woman, so I'm featuring her.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toy Kingdom: The Great Holiday Toy Sale

The final sale of the year of Toy Kingdom Philippines is here! If you missed the recently concluded one in the Megatrade Hall, then you should know that when it comes to Toy Kingdom Sales, YOU HAVE TO COME EARLY!!!! Especially if you're a dumpster diver for rare items like I am, else you'll be caught in the holiday rush and will have to fight your way through an entire hall of bargain priced toys! It's an absolute must go to especially if you have a lot of nieces, nephews, children or grand-children waiting on you this Christmas.

The Toy Kingdom Great Holiday sale will run from December 7 to 9, 2012 at Hall 4 of SMX Convention Center. Entrance is absolutely free! For more information, like us at, follow them on Twitter at or call their hotline at 638-TOYK (6388695).

I'm going. See you there!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Star Trek Enterprise

Presenting the Enterprise from the 2009 Star Trek reboot, AKA the Star Trek - Enterprise Iconic Vehicle. 

While I'm more of a Star Wars fan than a Trekkie, I did really approve of the Star Trek reboot. I thought that the movie both paid tribute to the legacy of the original cast (Now if only they'd reboot STNG - seriously, Janeway has more balls than Picard - probably literally as well), and gave the series a modern day twist - though I found it fascinating that the reboot Kirk's idea of interstellar diplomacy is still to sleep with everything gendered as female.

I also appreciated the wonderful soundtrack in the movie that accompanied every appearance of the NCC-1701 that was always very moving and emotional. It was excellent how the producers kept being able to stress how the Enterprise was the Galaxy's last hope and bring the audience to the edge of their seats simply through music.

So when Playmates released the Star Trek -  Enterprise Iconic Vehicle, I had to get one.
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