Thursday, November 1, 2012

Transformers Prime: Wheeljack

Presenting Wheeljack from the Transformes Prime toyline.

I've actually had this particular figure for quite some time and the fact that I'm just reviewing him now is a fine example of how much backlog I have.

Oh well.

"Jackie" here - as Bulkhead likes to call him - is a former Wrecker. This is the first time that Wheeljack has been listed as a member of the Autobot suicide slash extermination squad. Because of this, the Transformers Prime Wheeljack actually has a personality that deviates from his traditional peace loving, pacifistic scientist who works well with others and created the Dinobots.

No. This Wheeljack has a personality akin to Dr. Nemesis, the mad Nazi-hunting scientist who was recruited into the X-Men: He doesn't work well with others, has no moral qualms about ending a life - especially in the name of science - hyper intelligent, and like sharp object because they cut things - Decepticons -  open.

Transformer Prime Wheeljack's blister card reads "As a former member of the Wreckers, Wheeljack is more than capable of taking care of himself. He's glad to know that at least one of his old friends- Bulkhead - is still around, bringing the pain to the Decepticons"

Wheeljack's statistics read:
  • Strength - a reasonable 8
  • Intelligence - 6 - Huh? So much for mad scientist capable of creating life. 
  • Speed - 6
  • Endurance - 7
  • Rank - 6
  • Courage - 9
  • Fireblast - 8
  • Skill - 9
What's to like about the Transformers Prime Wheeljack?

His detailing is on par with his Generations version making him a fine tribute to the original cartoon Wheeljack. The only thing the new Wheeljack lacks is the shoulder mounted missile launcher and the new Wheeljack's face is meaner, sharper.

And this time Wheeljack isn't short or fat.

Nor does he have a scruffy paint job in his car mode. Speaking of which, I'm quite pleased that Hasbro returned Wheeljack to his roots. Transformers Prime Wheeljack transforms into a 2011 New Lancia Stratos just like the original cartoon Wheeljack who transformed into a Lancia Stratos Turbo. Both sport the Alitalia Airlines livery. This is a fine turn of events for me since I criticized the Generations Wheeljack for transforming into a Chevrolet Corvette C6 married to a Dodge Viper and being nothing more than a retool of Tracks.

While in car mode, Transformers Prime Wheeljacks swords can be stored underneath him, or mounted like a pair of deadly skewers up front, or mounted defensively on his sides:

Speaking of Transformers Prime Wheeljack's swords, while not mentioned in the instructions, a lot of people will be happy to note that you can actually sheath both blades onto Wheeljack's back in robot mode. And nicely, Wheeljack's slightly over-long arms can actually reach them.

But there is also another way for you to mount Transformers Prime Wheeljack's swords - mount them on his shoulders. If you do so, you can actually smoothly transform him from car to robot mode without having to snap off the swords.

Plus Wheeljack looks even more kick ass and can really grip each sword hilt to draw them - not just the ends of the each sword hilt:

Speaking of Wheeljack's blades (keeps going doesn't it?). I have an issue with his grip of the blades. The grips come with mounting pegs and if Jackie here grips them the normal way, the mounting pegs actually collide with the excess plastic on his arms. Personally I think he looks waaay more kick-ass if you reverse his grip and if you do there's nothing that collides with his swords.

You notice the carving details on Wheeljacks swords?

Here he is looking really kick-ass with his reverse blades:

And lastly, Transformers Prime Wheeljack's articulation is quite nice. He has some difficulty kneeling, but he can eventually be made to kneel:

Lastly, Transformer Prime's Jackie has one last weapon to throw against the Decepticons should they get up and close with him:

What's NOT to like about the Transformers Prime Wheeljack?

Nothing actually! He's one of the more perfect figures I've had the pleasure of getting my hands on. The only possible complaint people may have against him is that he has really long arms so at times he looks like an Orangutan, but other than that? Nothing.

This particular Transformers Prime Wheeljack was purchased from Toys R' Us at the retail price of PhP 699.75 (Roughly US$ 16.66). He's available on Amazon from between US$ 15 and US$18.89 (PhP 630 to PhP 793.38 plus shipping)

If you see him, he's worth getting.

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