Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DC Kingdom Come Wonder Woman

Presenting the DC Direct Kingdom Come Wonder Woman.

I'm actually quite fond of both Kingdom Come and the Kingdom Come cast. I like it because it completely humanized the DC hero pantheon: Even heroes have to get tired of constantly battling an unending stream of hatred; Even heroes get hurt and have to retire; Even heroes grow old; Even heroes fail.

So here is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is not so "wonderful" anymore. She's living with the frustration of having been stripped of her "Princess" title by the Amazons for failing to bring peace to mankind. So she turns to what she knows best: being a warrior.

Unfortunately Wonder Woman was never the leader that the inspirational Superman was - who is now retired and in hiding - nor is she the intimidating leader Batman is - who is now injured, has turned Gotham into a Big Brother playground and is hiding in the ruins of his cave.

So her frustration over the state of the world continues to build.

Even after she convinces Superman to come out of retirement and reassemble the Justice League in order to bring back some form of order to the world, her short-comings continue to haunt her - which is probably why eventually she dons such overtly aggressive armor that screams "Don't touch me! I am a warrior!" and breaks away from Superman's lead when the newly re-established "order" is threatened.

The resentment at being the last of the so called DC "Trinity" to hold the line when both Superman, then Batman disappeared - as well as her inner insecurities at having been judged a failure -  actually came to a boiling point when Wonder Woman took on Batman. She'd probably have ended up killing him if they were not interrupted.

Alex Ross' artwork is simply beautiful.

What's to like about the DC Kingdom Come Wonder Woman?

I'm not quite sure who the sculptor is, but he/she did manage to capture the essence of DC's Kingdom Come Wonder Woman in all her armored fierceness.

The DC Kingdom Come Armored Wonder Woman comes with everything you see here: a removable war-spear (Spartan Dory) and a shield (Spartan Aspis).

Her armor bears two wings that, in the comic book series, would actually act like wings and aid her in flight. Whether or not she could use these as weapons is unknown to me. These flow from her very predatory looking Eagle helm (Both the wings and the Eagle head are still on her breastplate if you're wondering, but she has it on her head as well now) - though honestly I find the very stern, steely look of this aged Wonder Woman from inside the helm far more intimidating. A kerchief bearing the blue field and stars of the United States

At Wonder Woman's left side is a thin more European than Greek looking sword and on her right hip is her magic lasso. Neither can be removed or used.

What's NOT to like about the DC Kingdom Come Wonder Woman?

I oftentimes find myself wondering why DC bothers to call DC Direct Figures "Action Figures" because they have practically no articulation and what little articulation them have is pretty much useless. So here we are, an action figure of the Kingdom Come Armored Wonder Woman with hardly any action in her.

It would be so, so much more nicer if she could move.

The DC Kingdom Come Armored Wonder Woman is available on Amazon for US$ 30.93 ( Roughly PhP 1,299 plus shipping). Not worth it unless you collect figurines and not action figures. Or are just really a fan of DC's Kingdom Come like I am.

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