Sunday, October 7, 2012

Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup Erratum

This is an erratum for Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup involving Kup's massive groin area that we complained about and made you all look at in the main review.

The erratum stems from my statement that "his huge groin area (the "wings" on his groin) - it almost looks like his junk is sooo big he has to walk permanently with his legs open."

Happily "Sprocketman" on Tumblr - check out Bumblr on Tumblr - pointed out that I missed a step in transforming him and had failed to lower Sergeant Kup's legs properly.

Now because the spanking new Philippine Cyberlaw we're protesting, I can actually go to jail for making the main review and stating something that apparently is false. So if I ever go off-line. You know why I was arrested.

Anyway, Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup still has a huge codpiece, but now he's taller in comparison to how he was portrayed in the main review and no longer has to walk as if his God-Given gifts were hampering him. The images on the left are from the main review, and the ones on the right are the corrected versions:

Here's the thing though, from his packaging on the back, it's difficult to say whether or not Sergeant Kup's legs are lowered, and in the instructions panel, his legs are definitely not lowered:

Bottom line though, Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup's lower leg articulation is improved with his legs down:

Here's hoping I don't go to jail.

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