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Transformers Generations Springer - Asian Exclusive

Presenting the Transformers Generations Asian Exclusive Springer.

For those of you who regularly follow this blog (Really? there are people who regularly follow this blog?), you've probably noticed the drop in recent posts. That's because I've uprooted my family and moved her 20 kilometers closer to where I work where I will no longer have an excuse not to exercise because now I have to walk to and from work instead of spending four hours stuck in traffic.

So you're probably gonna notice some changes with my photos.

Anyway, this is the redeco of the Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk re-colored, issued a new head, given a sword and renamed as the Transformers Generations  Asian Exclusive Springer.

I've always been fond of Springer - ever since he knocked the leader of the Junkions, Wreck Gar down, drew a sword - A FREAKIN SWORD!!!! - and kept the Junkions away from his fellow Autobots. Fine he lost that fight, but he had the valor of a literal Green Knight which was awesome.

And apparently I'm not alone in this admiration as the Autobot Springer in many continuities is listed as either the head of the Mighty Wreckers or the successor to the Matrix of Leadership - and therefore leader of the Aubots - upon the death of Rodimus Prime.

The Transformers Generations Springer Asian Exclusive's blister card reads "Whenever danger strikes, Autobot Springer is there to strike back. He leaps into action at the moment's notice never caring for his own safety as long as there are others to protect. His heroic nature is backed up by incredible natural fighting skills and the inborn ability to lead."

It's basically a condensed version of everything I said.

What's NOT to like about the Transformers Generations Springer - Asian Exclusive.

We know that despite the fact that this is an Asian Exclusive, Springer will definitely make it out of Asia and onto other shores.

Don't bother.

Had this not been labeled Springer, I would not have been tempted to pick him up. Frankly it went against every fiber of my being to pick up a redeco built from high-stock low sales figures granted new heads and renamed in order to pull at the emotional strings of fans.

Of course I fell for it.

So what's wrong with him?

To start, the Transformers Generations Springer is not a triple-changer. The last and only - official - Springer triple-changer is the G1 version. This particular Springer transforms into a heavily armored and slightly modified version of the ADH-02 Hellhound Attack Helicopter from Patlabor.

Unlike, let's say the Transformers Generations Kup, Wheeljack, Wreck-Gar, Warpath, Perceptor, or even Blurr who maintain the vestigial designs of their animated designs, Springer does not look anything like his cartoon. There are some further issues with his upper arm articulation which tends to bang against his "wings" especially when the missile pods are attached. 

The simplest solution there is to remove the pods, or fold the wings back. If you remove the pods, you can remount them on his arms, but if you do, notice how the missile's "stabilizing stick" gets in the way.

Springer also has a battle claw that can extend from his right arm or just be used without extension. Not really a fan of this:

What's to like about the Transformers Generations Springer - Asian Exclusive.

Well I'm actually a fan of the cantilevered leg design because of the inherent stability that they provide. It's harder to push over someone with those legs and they make excellent gun platforms. So feel free to ditching all his weapons and giving the Asian Exclusive Springer a more formidable weapon like a huge mini-gun.

The legs also add to the story behind his name. Springer is literally supposed to be able to jump really high, so giving him legs like springs is pretty cool. I'm just not so sure if the legs will hamper his sword fighting ability.

If you switch his sword to his left hand, you can also use the "battle claw" as a tiny buckler or as a secondary weapon.

And did I mention that he has a sword? That's so cool. It's just too bad that there's no place to put it - at his back or at his side - when Springer doesn't need the sword - in either his robot or helicopter mode.

This particular Transformers Generations Springer Asian Exclusive was purchased from Toy Kingdom for PhP 699.75 (Roughly US$ 16.66). Springer is available on Amazon for a high of US$ 32.99 and a low of US$ 25 (Between PhP 1,385 and PhP 1,050) plus shipping. Might not be worth it depending upon how big a Springer fan you are.

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