Thursday, October 11, 2012

Star Wars Vintage Ahsoka Tano

Presenting the Star Wars Clone Wars Vintage Edition Ahsoka Tano.

This is the first non-animated version released by Hasbro of the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano AKA "Snips" (As she was less than affectionately named by her Master, the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker because of her fiery, upstart personality).

This version of Ahsoka actually appears older than the juvenile Padawan presented in the Clone War Series (You'll see the comparison later in this review) which I think is more befitting for not just her role as the overtly aggressive, rebellious and oftentimes disrespectful Padawan; but also for her being one of the few Jedi to have stood toe-to-toe with both General Grievous and Asajj Ventress. It just simply did not make sense that a newbie pre-pubescent not as strong in the Force as the bright boy Anakin, to hold her own against enemies that have slain Masters. It made more sense if she were a teenager which she is in this incarnation.

The Star Wars Vintage Edition Ahsoka Tano's blister card does not make any references to who she is. We do however know that Ahsoka is a Togruta - the same race as Jedi Master Shaak Ti - one of the few Jedi to survive Order 66 only to fall at the hands of Darth Vader's apprentice in the Force Unleashed video game.

Togrutas are carnivorous humanoids known primarily for growing hollow lekku and head-tails - which actually gives them the ability of echolocation - having rust colored skin that develops stripe patterns on their bodies allowing them to be better camouflaged while hunting in their homeland, and; sharp teeth. Ahsoka's lack of stripe patterns and underdeveloped lekku and head-tails clearly mark her as a juvenile.

Here's a fine example of the age-progression of a Tortuga involving the animated version of Ahsoka Tano and Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

It is a popular myth that they are poisonous.

Ahsoka Tano comes with two green-hued lit lightsabers - one of regular size and one shoto sized blade; and two unlit lightsabers that can be clipped to her belt.

What's to like about the Star Wars Clone Wars Vintage Edition Ahsoka Tano?

The detailing. As you can see from the previous photo above comparing the Animated version to the Vintage Ahsoka Tanos, the Vintage Ahsoka is waaay better detailed than the Animated one.

You can clearly see the textured leathery complexion of her bodice and the rough hard material of her arm and leg guards. But the best detailing is in Ahsoka's head where extra attention was given to the golden jewelry that adorns her head-tails.

Another nice thing about the Vintage Ahsoka Tano is that she looks more now like jailbait rather than a pedophile's rather thin prey which her Animated Version was. While Ahsoka's actual age has never been revealed, the.... curvature... of her design makes you swear she's 18.

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Clone Wars Vintage Edition Ahsoka Tano?

Her articulation. Hasbro was not as gracious in giving this Ahsoka Tano figure the articulation that we've come to expect from Vintage level figures like we've seen with the Vintage Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Darth Maul. She's still poseable as can be seen here, but it would have been nice if she could do more - especially since she bears two lightsabers and is known for favoring the Shien reverse grip lightsaber fighting style and later the dual blade weilding Jar'Kai style.

While already impressive, I was disappointed that a Vintage Ahsoka Tano could not do more. 

This particular Vintage Ahsoka Tano figure is NOT yet available on Amazon as of this writing and was purchased at Toy Kingdom at SM Megamall here in the Philippines at the retail price of PhP 599.75 (Roughly US$ 14.28)

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