Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Justice League of America Batman

Presenting the DC Justice League of America Batman. This is the Pre-52 Batman as conceptualized by Brad Meltzer as he appeared prior to his "death" during the last Final Crisis (Flaspoint does not count as a crisis). Ironically, this particular incarnation of the Justice League of America (AKA Justice League of America Volume 2 ) was formed a year after the DC Infinite Crisis.

Justice League of America Volume 2 kicked off with the DC trinity (Superman, Wonderman and Batman) selecting a new team of heroes - including deciding whether or not they themselves should be on it, and the final roster consisted of the Trinity, Hal Jordan, Black Canary, Red Arrow, Black Lightning, and because they showed up when the team was being formed, Vixen and the Red Tornado.

The team disbanded following the Final Crisis and they were replaced by a next-gen heroes that included Batman (Grayson), Donna Troy, Mol-El, The Atom, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Doctor Light, Starfigre, Congorilla, the Guardian - and later Jade and Jessie Quick.

Unfortunately I would not say that this is my favorite Batman. I'll discus why later. My actual favorite is  the Batman from Hush.

What's to like about the Justice League of America Batman? 

Brad Meltzer preferred a leaner looking Batman with high horns and a ridiculously long cape. Happily the figure sculpt captured that perfectly. This particular incarnation of Batman comes with a very detailed utility belt and a gorgeous cape that is sculpted to wrap around his legs and billow slightly at the back giving the Batman a very imposing figure even from behind.

At first I wondered how someone dressed in light gray is expected to disappear in the dark, but as you can see here, apparently it's not a problem thanks to his cape:

The Justice League of America Batman figure comes with two accessories: A Batarang and one of Starro's alien starfish which figured in the original story arc. Batman can hold both in his left hand to a limited degree:

What's NOT to like about the Justice League of America Batman? 

Justice League of America Batman was made by DC so he barely moves (What's new?). But then Batman just likes to stand there and scare people by just staring at them.

But my biggest beef with this particular figure is how lean he looks. Personally I think he looks too thin. If you were to look at the Jim Lee Hush Batman, Batman is well built and looks like he can punch through a brick wall. Meltzer's Batman is sool lean that it doesn't look like it's Bruce Wayne under the cowl. It looks like it's Dick Grayson - who has always had a leaner built - under the cowl instead.

The DC Direct Justice League of America Batman is still available on Amazon for US 38.95 (US$ 1,635). I do believe I got him on retail, around PhP 1,100 (US$ 26.19). Not the best Batman in the market, but he has the best looking cape.

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  1. Almost perfect, but when you look down... those nasty chicken legs, but it's Bruce Wayne alright – Dick wears a different belt on Trinity.


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