Monday, October 22, 2012

AZ Powergirl Cosplay

Presenting AZ Powergirl. If Powergirl were to jump out of the comic books and become a real person, THIS is what she would look like! Operating out of Phoenix, Arizona, AZ Powergirl is really Cara Nicole,  a tough pretty blonde who is really.... gifted.

Her website, has this to say about her: "Born in Colorado, Cara Nicole developed a love for comic books, a passion for acting and talent for singing very early on. In her pursuit of her acting career she discovered the world of cosplaying in which she had instant recognition and she has become very involved in the comic book and pop culture community as an spokesperson, booth babe and prominent figure in local Cosplay and art circles. She has been involved in independent films and has a lead part in the detective’s lover slated to premier in 2012. Cara is also intellectual, humorous and a pleasure to be around despite being a TOTAL.DIVA."

AZ Powergirl actually does dress up as other characters and has been seen traipsing around as the White Phoenix of the Crown from Marvel, Resident Evil's gun toting Jill Valentine and Lilah from DC's Jonah Hex.

Cara Nicole is without a doubt, the FINEST human incarnation of Powergirl ever to grace the internet. And the world eems to agree becaues she's so famous, she actually has a book chronicling her appearances as Powergirl. If you're interested, contact her directly on her Facebook page. It's US$10 plus shipping and she says she'll ship anywhere.

Now let's take a gander at Cara Nicole as AZ Powergirl:

Even Stan Lee follows her:

Do remember to check out AZ Powergirl's official website or visit her Facebook page.

Now see if you can keep eye contact with AZ Powergirl:

Bet you couldn't :)

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