Saturday, September 29, 2012

Welcome Back Big Bang Theory!

Big Bang Theory, the chronicles of Geeks, Dorks and people like me who fight dragons in their head returned to television for its 6th season last night in the United States.

While I'm not really happy that Penny turned down Leonard's wedding proposal, a part of me is happy that she did because I want her for myself  (what Geek doesn't?).

Anyway, this "Return of the Big Bang Theory" tribute art is from the mind and skill of Rabittooth, a 42 year old Digital Artist from the United States.

What really strike me about the artwork is not the blatant Star Wars reference, but rather the artist's knowledge of the  show which is obvious thanks to the simple nuances that are present on the artwork: From the Hello-Kitty Battlekite; to the Mobile Omnidirectional Neutralization and Termination Eradicator, to the evil laughing menace of Will Wheaton (The guy really is evil). It's obvious that Rabittooth is not only very talented, but a Big Bang Fan.

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