Friday, September 28, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore EVAC

Presenting the Universal Studios Singapore Exclusive Transformers "The Ride" EVAC.

The last time I was in Singapore, the Transformers section of Universal Studios was a few months away from completion so I never actually got to ride "The Ride."

From what I hear at best I avoided being spat at by Starscream - how or why a robotic being would have bodily fluids is still beyond me.

Anyway, this Universal Studios exclusive was released last June 2012 if I researched that correctly and a very good friend from Geekmatic was kind and gracious and great enough to gift me one.

And he has my heartfelt thanks :)

Before we begin, there's a popular misconception that EVAC is a re-purposed mold of the Wrecker Roadbuster. While the two have some part similarities, the Universal Studios Singapore EVAC is not a re-purposed mold, he's an entirely new mold as you can see here. Both are Deluxe class Transformers but EVAC would be slightly taller were it not for Roadbuster's missile packs.

On to the blister pack. No the logo is not in violation of Transformers Trademark, it just has a weird background that we're not accustomed to (Which could be a Trademark violation, but then Hasbro's logo is on it so let's ignore the rather unorthodox presentation).

Universal Studio's EVAC's blister card reads:  "EVAC is used to dodging laser fire. His entire life Decepticons have gotten in his way, and tried to stop him. They've never succeeded. No matter how overwhelming their attack, EVAC know that with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee covering him, nothing will stop him from delivering his passengers safely."

As I understand it, the Universal Studios Singapore Transformers "The Ride" makes that a bit of an understatement as it involves participants riding EVAC as he is blown up, thrown several city blocks, bathed in water from exploding pipes, sucked up by the vacuum power of Devastator, and thrown into freefall where EVAC - and you, the rider - are treated to a last minute save by Bumblebee.

I understand it's a pretty harrowing ride.

What's to like about the Universal Studios Singapore EVAC?

Let's start with his car mode. I have no idea what EVAC transforms into, but after several months of blandly painted Transformers Prime, Animated and even FOC figures, getting my hands on this sharp street racer with metallic green/gold pin-striping is as refreshing as a splash of cool water after a long day.

The Singapore EVAC supercar is tight, compact and loaded with boosters. I'm personally not sure how he would do in terms of cornering (Probably drifts, but his tires seem too narrow for that), but on the straight and narrow, catching-up with EVAC would be difficult.

Transformers EVAC sits four, but on the Universal Studios Transformers "The Ride" sits twelve - three people per row, in four rows.

Transform the Universal Studios EVAC and you have what appears to be an agile quick fighter, light of armor and weaponry: an in-fighting hit-&-run scout with decent articulation

Transformers EVAC's weaponry is limited to his arm and lower torso mounted small lasers, but he is agile and well balanced enough to kick when he has to.

I wonder sometimes if Tony Stark had anything to do with his design - what with that Unibeam at the center of his chest. For those who still think that the Universal Studios Singapore EVAC is still a remold of DOTM Roadbuster, I would like to point out the stark detailing of EVAC in comparison to the more muted underworkings of Roadbuster.

What's NOT to like about the Universal Studios Singapore EVAC?

Personally I think that someone this lightly armored and fast should at least pack some sort of effective weaponry. The Universal Studios EVAC actually has a slot quite visible for just such a weapon on his underside when you transform him. Perhaps a shotgun like weapon to give a solid punch to back up his small lasers - he fights close up anyway.

The second problem with EVAC is the passenger compartment when he transforms. Transformers EVAC's passenger compartment does not break apart and become part of the main body like other Transformers. It remains whole and at his backside where it interferes sometimes with the movement of his legs.

And of course, as with most Transformers, EVAC could benefit from the ability to twist his waist.

The Universal Studios Singapore EVAC is not yet available on Amazon, but he is being sold on the black market or Ebay for around PhP 2,500 (Roughly US$ 59 plus shipping). Since this was a gift from a great friend, I am not even going to go find out the cost in the Transformers Supply Vault in Universal Studios. Besides, if you want him at retail, you'll have to go to Singapore.

EVAC is a fine addition to any collection and a wonderful collector's piece with a wonderful story behind him - especially if you get to ride under his protection on "The Ride."

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