Thursday, September 27, 2012

Star Wars Vintage Edition Luke Skywalker

R2D2 not included :)
Presenting the Star Wars Vintage Edition Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamill celebrated his 61's birthday yesterday, and I actually debated whether I wanted to pay homage to him by reviewing Luke Skywalker - the character he immortalized and which, all of us at one time or another, have most probably wished we were - or by reviewing the character he has given a new level of creepiness to: The Joker.

Yes, if you've ever cringed at the dry wheezing voice of the Batman's greatest thorn while playing either the Batman Arkham Asylum or Arkham City games, or while watching the animated series, that's the dry wheezing voice of Luke Skywalker.

Mark Hamil played the role so well, I actually downloaded the Arkham City soundtrack that showcased the Joker singing "Only You".


The Star Wars Vintage Edition Luke Skywalker has nothing pertinent to say on its blister card. The figure itself is inspired by the confrontation of Luke Skywalker and Jabba the Hutt in Empire Strikes Back. 

But the gear included makes it a more appropriate representation of Luke in the battle over the rancor pit - though the black glove places him as the Luke AFTER the entire Tatooine episode (Luke first donned the black glove in his x-wing while they were leaving Tatooine). 

Vintage Luke Skywalker comes as seen here with:
  • A pair of stuncuffs
  • Like's spanking new lightsaber (Lit)
  • Luke's lightsaber (Un-lit) that clips to a hole on his belt.
What's to like about the Star Wars Vintage Edition Luke Skywalker?

I honestly thought... NOTHING. When I first got it I thought that this was just another Luke Skywalker that I got just to add to my growing collection of Luke Skywalkers.

But when I took him out,  I found that not only is he a finely sculpted action figure, but that his articulation is greater than any other Luke Skywalker in my collection. Luke's articulation is so good that he can almost kneel completely as can be seen here.

This upgraded articulation provides for all sorts of new poses once thought impossible for Star Wars Action figures:

Now steal some accessories such as Luke Skywalker's Shoto (Shoto bladed lightsaber that Luke used in his battle with the Sith Mistress Lumiya), and maybe even a cloak:

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Vintage Edition Luke Skywalker?

While the articulation of the Vintage Edition Luke Skywalker may be upgraded, it is by no means perfect.

For example the knee joints of this Vintage  Luke Skywalker's are upon expanded ball joints which provide a nice range of motion, but are limited when compared to the use of two "knee" joints in today's GI Joe figures.

Then of course there's the canonical inconsistency. This is supposed to be the Luke Skywalker who faces Jabba the Hutt,  he therefore should not have a gloved right hand.

But perhaps the biggest problem that you may have with him is that... well Luke has always been a bit lanky and small, there are therefore times when he comes across as quite feminine. Luke's added articulation just adds to his "Dancer" physique.

Still he makes a nice piece for anyone building a Tatooine scenario set or for anyone who wants a really really nice Luke Skywalker figure. The Star Wars Vintage Edition Luke Skywalker is available on Amazon for  US 16.75 (Roughly PhP 703.50 plus shipping). This particular Vintage Luke Skywalker was purchased in Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall at the retail price of PhP 499.75 (Roughly US$ 11.90).

Now if you want to listen to the really creepy version of Mark Hamill singing "Only You" during the ending credits of Batman: Arkham City, check out this video:

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