Sunday, September 2, 2012

Star Wars: Clone Wars Aayla Secura

Presenting the 2012 Star Wars Clone Wars Aayla Secura action figure.

I have to say that I am NOT a fan of the Clone Wars primarily for their distorted view of the human form. It just doesn't fit well with the rest of my collection.

But damn! Jedi Knight Aayla Secura looks even hotter distorted - what with that waifish waist and bodacious booty!

Unfortunately, George Lucas has something against Twi'leks in general (Jedi Knight Alema Rar lost an arm and fell to the Dark Side; Rogue Squadron member Nawara Ven lost a knee and became a lawyer, and; Oola (la) was eaten by a Rancor). We all saw Jedi Master (Newly minted) Aayla Secura fall after Order 66 was given to Commander Bly and the 327th Star Corps in Episode III. Happily, despite the overkill that followed, Commander Bly made sure that his first shot made the death of his friend as quick and as painless as possible.

Aayla Secura was just a newly promoted Jedi Knight when she fought in the battle of Geonosis in Episode II. So her Master status at her death is testament to her abilities and fighting prowess.

This particular version of Aayla Secura - born Aaylas'ecura - portrays her during her final days as a Jedi Knight during the Battle (Technically the Defene) of Maridun. The battle involved the Jedi led by Anakin Skywalker defending a pacifist village of Lurmen - which explains the flight gear.

Her blister card reads: "Specialized flight fear comes in handy when Aayla Secura crash-lands during a mission. The Jedi General lands on a planet where a peaceful Lurmen village is threatened by Seperatist forces. The athletic and graceful Twi'lek tries to find a way to help the villagers that does not require them to abandon their pacifist beliefs.

What's to like about the Star Wars Clone Wars Aayla Secura?

As mentioned: I think she looks better than her regular version which was already pretty hot. I mean just look at how she teases with those eyes. They say: "I'm a Twi-lek; I'm sexy; AND I KNOW IT!"

The Star Wars Clone Wars Aayla Secura comes with everything you see here: a removable flight pack and goggles, a lit lightsaber - that has a belt mounting stud despite there not being any hold for it on her thigh nor any way to remove the blade without breaking it - and a stand with a slot for the Star Wars Galactic Battle Game card and a die. Clone Wars Aayla Secura's Galactic Battle Game Stats are as follows:

  • Force Ability: 11 with a + 2 bonus 
  • Battle Skills: 12 
  • Intelligence: 11 with a + 2 bonus
  • Mechanical Skill: 10 with a + 1 bonus
  • Leadership: 9 - surprisingly with a + 4 bonus
  • Luck: 10 with a + 4 bonus

If you play the game, this actually makes her quite formidable. She would lose out to someone like  Pre-Vizla, head of the Mandalorian Death Watch only in Battle Skills (17 + 4 bonus vs Aayla's 12); Intelligence (12+5 bonus versus Aayla's 11+ 2 bonus), and; Leadership (18 + 2 bonus versus Aayla's 9 + 4 bonus). They tie in Mechanical Skills and she wins on Force Ability and Luck so she's a relatively a 50/50 against Pre-Vizla.

And Jedi Master Aayla Secura's pretty flexible and pose-able since most of her joints are ball-joints. Aayla Secura doesn't have the ability to split her legs as they only go up and down from the thigh area, but the plastic is flexible enough to stretch so that she can be mounted with her legs spread as long as you have the mounting studs as shown:

But with or without Clone Wars Aayla Secura's legs spread, she is capable of some amazing poses (And she looks good doing them):

What's NOT to like about the Star Wars Clone Wars Aayla Secura?

The only thing really wrong about this action figure is that Aayla Secura's lekku are trapped between her head and the rocket-pack on her back so she cannot turn her head while it's on. Not that she should be able to because the breathing apparatus on her face isn't actually attached to her mouth and any turning of her head results in her mask coming off.

But other than that? She's hot. The Star Wars Clone Wars Aayla Secura action figure is available on Amazon for US$ 16.55 (Roughly PhP 712 plus shipping)  so I guess I'm not the only one who thinks she's hot. I purchased her for PhP 700 (Roughly US$ 16.27 without shipping) in the Philippine Black Market in Greenhills.

She's worth it.

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