Friday, September 7, 2012

Paula Labaredas Cosplay

Presenting the Cosplay of model, writer and actress Paula Labredas. Paula is originally from the culturally rich country of Portugal. Paula Maria Esteves actually almost died on her way to the United States when she and her family immigrated back when she was 2 years old - had it not been for the timely presence of a doctor on the plane.

The young girl settled in Connecticut but eventually set her eyes on New York to become an actress. Failing to make any headway there, she found her true calling in the sunny shores of Los Angeles.

And that's where Paula found out that she has a wonderful penchant not just for Cosplay, modelling and acting but for poetry and writing as well.

And she has an incredibly wonderful body for Cosplay as can be attested to here through the lens of  Albert L. Ortega. Cammy is just one of the many hot characters that Paula Labaredas is known for playing. She's also famous for suiting up as Princess Leia in her steel bikini, Vampirella, Baby Doll, the Crow and Barbarella.

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I'm particularly fond of Paula Labaredas' facial expressions - which gives her Cammy Cosplay more credence with the ability to go from stern and serious to vampish and playful - it also helps of course that she has a wonderful body to go with it. Here she is again through the eyes of  Albert L. Ortega along with a poem that she wrote that I believe firmly captures her spirit:


Live Life
Live it hard
Love it
Be free
And hold on tight
For survival might be shaky
Especially on those dark days
Don't fall, don't stop, please don't stop
Live on, courage, strength
Hold yourself and love yourself
With love, passion, and courage you will survive

But I have to say that I'm particularly fond of Paula Labaredas Cosplay of Princess Leia in her metal Bikini:

Princess Leia definitely looks better as a blonde. Paula wore this Cosplay in several Comic Book and Sci-Fi Conventions:

Paula Labaredas has a very interesting Cosplay take on the Crow. It's unique and definitely eye-catching - also through the lens of Albert L. Ortega:

And we close with some really hot photos of Paula Labaredas in a Vampirella Cosplay thanks to David Edwards of

Again, do remember to check out and Like Paula Labaredas Cosplay's Facebook page and visit her website.

Now if you want to see that booty in action:

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