Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cartoon Quotes to pick up Chicks

While waiting in the ER room a few days ago, I found myself reading the comics section of the Philippine Star where I came across this funny quip from the mind of Lyndon Gregorio in his creation "Beerkada."

When I first read it, I thought "What the F...!!!" But then it hit me, the invocation to summon the Avatar of Knowledge used by Arzon, the Spectral Knight from the 1980's Visionaries cartoon is indeed a wonderful pick-up line. It sounds like a very poetic and romantic way of saying "I want to get to know you."  And uninitiated young jailbaits would not know what the hell you're talking about.


Lyndon  may be on to something here.

UPDATE: Apparently Lyndon has a website where there is a PART 2 to this Visionaries pick-up lines saga. Do visit: and don't forget to like the Beerkada Comics Facebook Page.


  1. did you see the follow up strip? visionaries spells can be used throughout the entire seduction process.

    1. Thanks Lyndon! Found it on That's a definite laugh-trip. I'm pretty sure you left out “Three suns aligned pour forth their light and fill the archer’s bow with might!” because you couldn't show any orgasms :)


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