Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2012 Coverage

My 1st Day Haul
The Dungeon was lucky enough to be invited to the Media Night of Toy Kingdom's First Toy Expo at the SMX Convention Center all the way in SM Mall of Asia. And it turned out to be a VERY LUCKY NIGHT FOR ME!!!!

To begin with, I won a raffle!!!! See that spanking mint-in-box Nintendo 3DS on the side? Yeah that's mine! And I won it fair and square with the use of my brand new minted calling cards.

But it didn't end there! I scored the Avengers Black Widow at retail! So if you're going to the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2012 looking for that, sorry, I think I got the only one.

But there's still SOOOO much more that you can see - and buy - there!

First up - because you can't miss it - is the gigantic map of the Philippines made entirely out of Lego. It's a both a wonderful patriotic sentiment that promotes tourism - It actually has me intrigued about places in the country that I have not yet been to - and a fine example of the sheer power of imagination and creativity which are hallmarks of Lego. It's definitely more fun in the Philippines and my only regret is that you cannot see the entire map from above. 

There's even a Chinese Fishing boat invading Philippine waters off the western coast of the Philippines.

Now quickly turn right, pas Optimus Prime and and check out the G.I. Joe Retaliation release - WHILE STOCKS LAST. I picked up the Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank thinking - because stock looked low - that I could pick up the G.I. Joe Ninja Combat Cruiser later. As I understand it, the Cruisers are gone. Hopefully they'll restock. They're all on sale!

Go back a bit and check out the Transformers display - all on sale - which includes a toy display by Cybertron Philippines. The Dungeon has an entire shelf of various Optimus Prime figures on display:

Check out Teletraan 1! 

And the Dungeon's cabinet:

Now to the other stuff out there:

Check out the Hotwheels truck!

For those into Power Rangers, there's actually a display of vehicles and robots that have not yet in the market and is scheduled for release in September - including a really big combiner.

Right behind them is the yet to be released Thundercats Tower of Omens and some other Thunndercats vehicles.

Then of course miss the big-bright-elephant in the room (Though there's a black one as well):

There's also a wonderful custom Gundam display including one merged with a Desert Bradley. 

Apparently if you purchase a Gundam GUNPLA Model kit from between Aug 1, 2012 and Oct 15, 2012, you get a "GUNPLA x promotion campaign card" with a serial number of it. Visit, complete a questionnaire and enter the serial number for a chance to win some really cool prizes including a trip 2-day-1-night trip to Japan to go see that lifesize Gundam. Though personally I would be VERY happy just to grab one of the 145 beautiful GUNPLA Marker sets:

The Toy Kingdom Toy Expo also allows you to play!

Now normally, this Dungeon does not feature cutey-patootsy girlie stuff, but this is for a good cause and I'm sure we all have nieces or little sisters. A Toy-line called Lalaloopsy is auctioning some of their more premium dolls and kits on Saturday, at 2PM. Proceeds will go to the SM Foundation - a non-profit organization that fights poverty by funding scholarships throughout the Metro, so SUPPORT THEM!!! It's a good cause and we should give something back. 

There are still sooo many activities from now till Sunday when the Expo closes. So check out this schedule and head on down South to the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo before the doors close:

And I actually have to go back, not just because I have to get my Primes, but to get a picture of myself probably next to Dora the Explorer. I might just get lucky and win again.

Remember to visit the Toy Kingdom Facebook page for more updates!

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