Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marvel Universe: Daredevil (Greatest Battles 2-pack)

Presenting Daredevil from the Marvel Universe Greatest Battles 2-pack. 

This is the second and happily updated version of Battling Matthew "Matty" Michael Murdock  - reputedly the most beat up super-hero in the Marvel Universe (I would have thought it was Spider-Man but because he has the enhanced physique of a spider, he's more immune to damage). 

Honestly he's a surprise coming from a company known for simple repainting or re-issuing figures like Iron Fist and Gambit.  And quite honestly given the quality that you can see here, it's worth re-investing in getting this particular Daredevil from the 2-pack. We'll talk about the upgrades later within the review.

That and Bullseye is also pretty dope as a figure. 

What I immediately hate about the Marvel Universe Daredevil is that all-throughout the shoot and till now while I'm writing this "The Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie keeps playing over-and-over in my head. I personally loved the movie - especially the Director's Cut. Say what you may about the movie, you cannot deny it had a great soundtrack. 

The blister card of the Marvel Universe Greatest Battles 2-pack: Daredevil versus Bullseye reads "Bullseye challenges, Daredevil to an epic battle beneath the big top. The audience, taken hostage by masked henchmen,is forced to watch as the nimble hero faces the menacing Bullseye and his bizarre, improvised weapons! The stage is set - who will come out on top in this center ring battle?"

Can I just say that the Bullsye figure is really neat, particularly that tiny stiletto that has a sheath at the small of his back. But I don't really care about him that much. Maybe one day. 

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Greatest Battles 2-Pack Daredevil?

Daredevil was actually one of the figures released in the very first Marvel Universe toy-line. That toy sucked! Totally. As mentioned it's articulation was poor. It also have very, very rough and poor facial sculpt with an uneven paint-job. He was armed with an inflexible pair of nunchucks, and he came in cherry-red. 

I even read a review where someone called him "fat"

Given the horrible feedback, Marvel/Disney decided to retool him. 

Now he can definitely no longer be called "fat" 

Marvel/Disney improved his facial construction giving him a squarer jaw versus the really long one that looked like a broken deformity more than a jaw. His eyes have a different shade of red from the rest of his body allowing them to pop out. You can imagine them glowing in the dark. Then they followed it up by detailing the edges of his mask. Honestly I could not do that kind of balance by hand. I have no idea how they did it. I sincerely doubt if it was made by a machine. 

And speaking of paint, he now has Blood-Red paint - no more of that sissy Cherry-Red Paint accented by a deep black that actually looks like coagulated blood.

The inflexible nunchucks are gone replaced by a single billy-club that actually splits into two escrima sticks. That is a feature that not even it's larger Marvel Legends cousins ever had. 

Both escrima sticks can be stored nicely in a holster on his left leg. 

And lastly, his articulation has been upgraded. His upper torso has the same articulation as his older counterpart, but this is now enhanced by the ability to twist his waist, both thighs and additional joints in his ankles allowing them to twist left and right keeping him more stable and pose-able.

And that's where the fun starts

Then throw in Bullseye - look at that smile. 

I'm sure that wiped the smile off his face. 

Then throw in a little AvX (No I don't think the Daredevil versus Psylocke duel should have ended in a draw. Matt had her beat, but chose a draw instead. Interesting choice):

If the it were a different color, Gambit's staff looks better with Daredevil:

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Greatest Battles 2-Pack Daredevil?

There are only two things wrong with the Marvel Universe Greatest Battles 2-pack Daredevil. The first is the logo on his chest. While it's in a lighter shade of red, it still has the tendency to blend with its stronger background. Though I do prefer this over the heavily outlined logo of his former costume.  

The second problem is the side holster. It looks great, it's a wonderful addition and both escrimas fit nicely inside. However the straps hamper his movement. Don't expect Daredevil to be able to do splits thanks to it. 

This particular Marvel Legends Greatest Battle Daredevil versus Bullseye 2-pack was purchased from the department store of Robinson's Galleria - so technically Toys R' Us Philippines - for PhP 899.75 (Roughly US$ 21). He and the ever smiling Bullseye are  available on Amazon for US$ 18.99 (Roughly PhP 817 plus shipping). 

He's well worth it. 



  1. He's practically perfect isn't he?

    I need this 2-pack.

  2. Yes he's a fine example of Toy Engineering. I was lucky to find him at the back of a Department Store.

  3. Daredevil is one of my favorite Marvel characters (thanks to the 2003 film that led me to the Bendis/Maleev comics). I recently picked up this set and I have to say this is the best DD action figure Hasbro has ever released, including the 6" Legends figures (even the ones by Toy Biz)!

    I wish the Shadowland version had this articulation model because I really like that costume, but with it's limited articulation I feel he's just not worth it.

    But this figure rocks and the Bullseye is great, too. Nice review!

    1. Thanks! I think the Daredevil movie was wrongly maligned by the critics and it was actually a great movie - especially the extended Director's cut. And yes, this is indeed even better than the the 6" Legends figures.

      Sadly the Shadowland version is nothing but a repaint of the originally released Marvel Universe Daredevil - down to the uneven facial paint-job.

      If I ever find another one, It's going to be repainted in Shadowland colors.


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