Monday, August 13, 2012

Iron Fist: Marvel Universe (White Hot Room Version)

Presenting the Iron Fist from the Marvel Universe Toy Line (White Hot Room version).

I decided to feature Daniel "Danny" Rand-K'ai AKA Iron Fist because AvX - the Avengers versus the X-Men series - is winding down and Marvel has announced that a hero was going to die.

My guess based upon the build up of the Iron Fist/Phoenix relationship and future previews where Iron Fist is missing is that Danny Rand's time is up and it's time for another Iron Fist to rise.

That and all previous Iron Fists have died at age 33. Danny Rand's time may really be up.

It's not the first time he's died having fallen to cancer. But of course Marvel brought him back: Through some strange twist of fate he was apparently kidnapped by an alien race, replaced with a doppelganger and cured cancer by channeling his chi while in stasis.

 The Marvel Universe Iron Fist's blister card reads: "As one linked to the mystical world, Iron Fist often encounters forces attempting to cross over from the beyond. When not tangling with elements of the mystic, Iron Fist has proven to be an able crime fighter. His ability to summon and focus his inner energy gives him vast abilities, including the devastating fist strikes from which he takes his name."

The first sentence is actually a reference to Iron Fist's current white and gold uniform. At the start of the
"Heroic Age" of the Marvel Universe (The return of Captain America, reformation of the Avengers and the Marvel triumvirate playing nice again - Cap, Thor and Iron Man). New York was attacked by extradimensional forces. Iron Fist got shunted to the source of the attacks - which some have argued was reminiscent of the white-hot-room of the Phoenix - where his costume was changed to this current white and gold uniform which was also the last costume worn by Jean Grey as the White Phoenix of the Crown - except for the Dragon emblem where the Phoenix emblem should be.

What's to like about the Marvel Universe Iron Fist?

The detailing placed into the mask of Iron Fist is well appreciated. As is the paint detailing that went into the Dragon Tattoo on his chest - though it's missing a tail. I'm personally glad the Marvel/Disney did not scrimp and use Yellow instead of Gold for the detailing.

Articulation is average - not poor.

And he does pose nicely with Power Man (Luke Cage). Here they are mimicking the X-Men patented Fastball special. Personally, Luke Cage is not in Colossus' power class, but Iron Fist's "Fist" seems to generate explosive damage, so it's pretty much up in the air as to which team produces more damage. Though - despite being heavier - Wolverine should fly farther. 

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe Iron Fist?

While the articulation is not poor - as in the case of, let's say Gambit - it's not excellent either. You have to remember that this is a re-paint of the Yellow and Green Iron Fist that was released - if I remember right - in either the first or second series of Marvel Universe toys. So don't expect a character with Spider-Man like articulation - or even the more advanced articulation of someone like Daredevil from the Marvel Universe Greatest battles 2-pack (Daredevil versus Bullsye) who Danny Rand impersonated when Matt Murdock was imprisoned during the Marvel Civil War.

As is, Iron Fist can barely take a knee so forget any advanced Kung-Fu poses. 

And lastly, he doesn't have a stand. Boo. 

Still he might die so his value might just go up. This particular Iron Fist was purchased at Toy Kingdom in Megamall for the retail price of PhP 499.75 (Roughly US$ 11.62). He's available on Amazon for as low as US$ 4.95 (Roughly PhP 213 plus shipping). We close with the Power-Man/Iron Fist tandem joined by Daredevil who - as mentioned - was once impersonated by Iron Fist.

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