Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Poll: Wonder Woman

Almost forgot that it's the Fourth of July. So while it's still the fourth of July in the United States, let's ask: Who wore Wonder Woman's costume best? We have seven contestants up for the survey which can be found here. So do cast your votes! 

First up of course is Lynda Carter, the original buxom babe to portray Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1979. the former Ms. World USA has only one nude scene in a B movie. Go wiki it if you want to know what it is and are still harboring that fantasy about a naked Wonder Woman.

America's Top Model Adrianne Curry didn't quite do so well in the "Who Wore Princess Leia's steel bikini?" poll, hopefully you'll give her more love now: Cast your vote here

A lot of people screamed "Noooooo!!!!" at the casting of another Adrianne - Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights as Wonder Woman in a 2011 pilot that was not picked up. Not surprising considering that Wonder Woman's costume change in the DC universe was severely lambasted. Cast your vote here.

Emily Deschanel, who has a really cute sister, dressed up as Wonder Woman in Bones - complete with push-up bra and twirling action - where she admitted a childhood fantasy of becoming Wonder Woman. Cast your vote here

Kim Kardashian wore the outfit. Nuff said. Cast your vote here

Kaley Cuoco better known as the Geek Lover Penny in the Big Bang Theory once lighted up the show by dressing up as a cleavage popping Wonder Woman: Cast your vote here

Last up is someone who has never actually worn the outfit, Megan Fox - who would have been perfect for the role if she didn't insult Michael Bay. Cast your vote here

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