Saturday, June 16, 2012

Transformers Prime: Vehicon aka Eradicon (First Edition)

Presenting a Vehicon - AKA Eradicon - from the Transformers Prime Animated Series First Edition. There are a few issues that I have with the Vehicon.

The biggest happens to be its gender. It has a waif like figure which is fine because most Transformers Prime figures have waif like figures. But the Vehicon figure kinda also has... breasts (Like Arcee)... whereas the more macho male figures like Cliffjumper and Optimus Prime have flat barrel chests. Face it, with the glass on her chest, it even looks like she has lace covering her cleavage.

The only other booby looking chest that I know of would be Bulkhead's but then he's built like a Gorilla - complete with nipples.

It makes me wonder if this is a design flaw since the Vehicons were voiced by a guy.

But then the Vehicons have always been a source of much confusion.

Starting with the fact that they're also referred to as Eradicons; Followed by the idea that they are mindless drones incapable of independent thought, emotion or thinking - which has been proven false in the animated series, which leads to;  How exactly do they differ from your average Decepticon?

It must suck to know that you exist and that you're nothing more than cannon-fodder - not even cannon fodder with a fighting chance - to a megalomaniac and his flunkies. If this is all they are, I see a revolt in their future.

What's to like about the Transformers Prime Vehicon (Eradicon)?

She is sleek, blue, black with purple highlights. Not much there, true, and her transformation is highly reminiscent of the 1st Transformers Movie's Barricade - they even look the same from behind.

But what we do have here is potential! Alone, a single Vehicon is easily decommissioned by the lowliest Autobot. Two would probably be dispatched with one arm tied behind the Autobot's back. Three would be child's play. Four would break a light sweat. Five would be a nice workout. 6 would be a challenge. What would ten be? Twenty? Thirty?

Even if you were the great and mighty Optimus Prime, an army of Vehicons would eventually be able to overwhelm him. Making this particular Transformer, a wonderful troop builder for collectors - in the same way that collecting Wreck-Gar's variant Junkheap would make a wonderful Troop Builder.

Articulation is would have been excellent had it not been somewhat hampered by the "hood" of her car mode which forms a cape/back-pack on her rear. You'll constantly find her lengthy shoulder pauldrons jamming against this or her arms breaking free of their locks on her chest while trying to pose her (particularly when you try raising her arms to the side) which is sad because her hips and legs are highly articulated.

The Vehicon is also the only Transformer I know who has spurs - which I think is a unique concept especially when combined with her high lower-torso articulation. Think of it as a close-combat stabbing weapon.

There is also another problem with her pistol. She can barely hold the pistol in her three fingered hands - which are really long by the way.  If you leave the Vehicon to hold her weapon, most of the time she will drop it. The solution was to use the mounting ports that appear when you fold back her hands into storage position. Unfortunately, mounting the weapon on the Vehicon's right hand proves to be difficult because of the shape of the weapon. As such the only way to attach it to the Vehicon comfortably is to mount it in her left arm. When added, it looks like the gun grows out of the Vehicon's forearm which is more in keeping with being a Transformer.

This is where her nice articulation comes into play:

The Vehicon transforms into a dark and heavily modified and lowered Cadillac Cien boasting of a thicker grill with  front air-scoops, a more angled rear cowl and a rear spoiler.

The Vehicon is slightly reminiscent of Batman's Batmobile:

The Vehicon's pistol fits nicely into the chassis and the over-all transformation is simple enough to keep the Vehicon sleek and sexy. You can also mount the pistol in either of two mounting slots on her hood:

What's NOT to like about the Transformers Prime Vehicon (Eradicon)?

Aside from the rear cowl problems and the Vehicon's poor grasping abilities, I really have a problem with her being cannon fodder. The Vehicon is really a nice figure. So it seems like such a shame to be sent to die without a real name - or gender. 

Another issue that I have with the Vehicon is that while they all look the same in robot mode, not all of them transformed into Cadillac Ciens. Others could transform into tanks, jets or helicopters (It can also be assumed that they could transform into sea-craft as well). It would have been nice of Takara or Hasbro to not cancel the Vehicon line from distribution - reportedly the Vehicon will never reach Western shores - but to have expanded the line instead to include Vehicons transforming into other modes. 

This particular Transformers Prime Vehicon was purchased from the Department Store of SM Fairview at the retail price of PhP 699.75 (Roughly US$ 16.27). She's available on Amazon for US$ 29.99 (Roughly US$ 1,289 plus shipping). 

Being Cannon Fodder sucks:


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