Thursday, November 4, 2010

Contact the Dungeon

The Denizens of the Dungeon:

Denis Achilles L. del Callar: 
41 Standard Years Old.
Known Aliases: Guardian, "Ka Achilles"
Founder of the Dungeon.

Founded Dark Lord Dungeon (His initials) with the simple objective of sharing with the Dungeon's visitors the same joy he gets from toy collecting - and because he needed a venue where he could sharpen his writing skills.

He still dreams of one day travelling to the stars to lead the Light Brigade against the Clan invasion astride Aura Deva, his Cerberus Assault Class Battlemech.

Till then he serves as a freelance magazine publisher in the real world.

Hi, Lanz Frago here. I mainly collect Revoltechs, Nendroids, Figmas and Gundams. Picky about paint jobs and articulation points on toys. I'm also into comic books, video games, Batman, cartoons and digital art.

Do join her in her Happy Hospital.
Do you have press releases about toys, games, and other related topics?

Do you want to invite me to events?

Do you have a proposal for a business arrangement?

Let's talk. You can email me at or at

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