Monday, May 28, 2012

Toni Darling - AKA: Lady Thor

Presenting Toni Darling: AKA Lady Thor. A few weeks ago this image of a female Thor came out following the Avengers movie - but there wasn't much as to who she was or if there were more photographs.

So I looked it up, back-traced the published photographs and eventually found out who she is. Lady Thor - not to be confused by the way with Thor Girl (This is obviously a woman, not a girl. Perhaps in a few Marvel Universe years. But then we all saw how Cassie Lang - daughter of the now back in the land of the living Ant-Man (Scott Lang) who grew from a 6 year old to a sexually active teenager overnight - so it could be tomorrow for Thor Girl).

But I digress. Lady Thor is Cosplayer Toni Darling - known for dressing up not just like a version of Thor that makes us drool as much as Kat Dennings did when she saw Chris Hemsworth trying on a pair of jeans in the Thor movie - but as a red-neck bad-ass member of the Department of Zombie Defense and as, ironically, a Cowgirl Zombie (She's from Arizona).

The Lady Thor at the beach shoot was arranged and shot by talented people behind C.A.S. Photography.

Click on their names to visit their Facebook pages.

Toni Darling is a 22 year old Arizonian by way of Sweden (Maybe she really has a Thor lineage :) ) who is not only a model and entertainer but a member of the Geek Associated Press where she vlogs. Here are her other photos as Lady Thor from C.A.S. Photography:

I really love these photos from C.A.S. Photography as it not just shows the power behind Lady Thor, but the pensive expression of a goddess that has just come to stand as sole and the last line of defense of the Earth.

This is a very interesting shot. I'm not sure if it's luck or Photoshop, but it looks like her hammer just returned to her hands:

Now we close with the works of another Photographer, Bill Nash who shot Toni Darling an officer of the Zombie Department of Defense:


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