Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marvel Avengers Quinjet

Presenting the Marvel Avengers Quinjet from the Avengers movie. I'm sure everyone here has seen the movie so there's no point in giving spoiler warnings. In a nut-shell this is the main means of transportation not of the Avengers, but of S.H.I.E.L.D.. It even uses a lot of the hover-lift technology that the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier uses - even the ability to transform. It's only associated with the Avengers because they stole one which got totaled in the movie.

We should take the time to note though that this Avengers Quinjet is roughly three times smaller than it should be. In the movie it was able to fit at least two in the forward cockpit, had a viewing window roughly at the center akin to the design of old B-17 Bombers, and could fit at least a squad of soldiers in the back. It also lacks the nose mounted fold-out mini-gun that was used in the movie.

This Quinjet is also sleeker than the movie Quinjet AND - most glaringly - this Quinjet bears Iron Man's gold trimming replacing the plain gun-metal gray of the actual movie Quinjet.

The Avengers Quinjet's blister card reads "The Quinjet is the most powerful transport and assault vehicle ever built incorporating the best Stark technology and dozens of systems developed by S.H.I.E.L.D., it gives the Avengers supersonic access to the entire world. Ultrahigh top speeds and megapowerful weaponsmake it the perfect vehicle for the world's first team of Super Heroes!"

You'd think that Disney - having acquired Marvel - would remember that the official "First" team of Modern Marvel Super-heroes was the Fantastic Four. In fact I remember the Fantastic Four as having been credited with "Blazing the Way" for all the heroes that were "killed" in the battle against Onslaught.

The Avengers Movie Quinjet also comes with an Iron Man Mk VII action figure which is no different in crappiness from the Captain America figure that accompanied the Captain America Goliath Assault Tank. Iron Man can sit in the cockpit of the Quinjet, but because he doesn't have knee joints he can't sit in the back.  We won't even bother talking about Iron Man anymore.

What's to like about the Marvel Movie Series Avengers Quinjet?

Even if it is smaller and garishly colored, it's still a wonderful and almost accurate depiction of what was used in the movie.

Features include three landing struts that fold down and back into the ship; wing tips that can be straightened out for more speed, bent down for more support or bent up for storage or diving.
As previously mentioned the cockpit fits only one and has a finely detailed interior:

There's an arm that you can extend from the left side of the Quinjet that can support one flying character. We have to appreciate that whoever you clip on here would be flying under the Quinjet's wing because the engine intakes are up on top so this hero won't get sucked in.

Speaking of Engines, pull back on the engines and the Avengers Quinjet's wings slide open to reveal rotors that - theoretically - should allow the Quinjet to hover in place. Pulling back on the Engine also cants the forward cockpit down giving the Quinjet the appearance of a landing or preying raptor. It's too bad that the rotors don't actually turn.

Pulling back the engines ALL the way, releases a pop-up dual missile launcher that - upon the press of a button - releases spring-loaded missiles. 
The launcher rotates but does not elevate. It's quite reminiscent of the Gattling Cannon launcher from the Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters.
Lastly there are studs atop the wings and on the rear of the Quinjet where you can attach other Avengers characters. We should note though that these studs are quite large and most Marvel Universe characters will not be able to accommodate them.

What's NOT to like about the Marvel Movie Series Avengers Quinjet?
Aside from the fact that I wish it had a pop-down chain gun like the Quinjet in the movie did - rather than the pop-up missile launcher, THAT is a FAT ASS!!!!

It totally ruins the aerodynamics and sleek exterior of the Quinjet. To be fair, the interior is nicely detailed, biut it would have been great if you could get a figure to sit comfortably in the back. The seat is too low to allow comfortable seating by any of the Avengers characters. As you can see below, the only way Cap could sit in there is to just drop him in.

Another problem with this is that, have you seen just how small those engines are? It's hard to believe that this vehicle is a supersonic craft.

The last thing not to like about the Avengers Quinjet is... well... Iron Man.
Cap, I get the feeling we're not wanted.
Still - as long as you look at it from a certain angle, it's still a great and must-have vehicle. The Marvel Avengers Quinjet was purchased at retail price at Toy Kingdom for PhP 1,599.75 (Roughly US$ 37 dollars) and is available of Amazon for US$ 28.44 (Roughly PhP 1,222 plus shipping).


  1. Where are the Joes to commandeer the jet? Did it fail their standards?

    1. The Joes will be here when I'm done repainting it. Till then, it's too garish for their taste :)

    2. Spidey already beat them to it!


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