Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Carrie Fisher wins May the 4th be with you poll

Carrie Fisher walks away as the winner of our "'May the 4th be with you' day" poll where we asked who wore the Princess Leia Steel Bikini best. Carrie walks away as the winner from a roster that included Veronica Mars' Kristin Bell;  former America's Top Model contestant Adrianne Curry; TV host Olivia Munn, and; Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski.

The actual Steel Bikini consisted of a copper bra fastened by string - which actually popped open at one point which almost brought Carrie Fisher to tears - copper plates on the front and rear of her groin which hid a red silk loincloth, leather boots and various pieces of jewelry - plus a chain.

In reality it was made out of hard plastic and rumor has it that if you stood behind her, you could pretty much see everything - except Carrie Fisher was wearing nipple tape.

The surprising number 2 was not who I thought it would be. I personally thought that Olivia Munn would win this, but no. The number 2 was Kristin Bell as she appears as Princess Leia in Fanboys - a movie about nerds who end up in comic-con so it was only fitting that she dressed as Princess Leia.

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