Thursday, May 24, 2012

Black Cat Cosplay

Photo by Kris Ezergailis of

Presenting the Australian Cosplayer simply known as Black Cat. I got to know about her through Ardella Cosplay's Facebook page where the two appeared side by side as Power-Girl and Super-Girl. I unfortunately don't know much about her. other than she's still quite young - probably a teenager - has a very messy room; likes the Ghostbusters; is into expressionist painting, and; is a firm advocate of the magical abilities of the wonder-bra.

In a nutshell, the Black Cat starts out looking like this - note the mess and the Pokemon bra:
Her artwork is interesting. There is a lot of Asian Manga influence and... I know I've seen those snakes somewhere. Ah youth! I remember when my artwork was this dark and foreboding.

Mess up her room a little more and the Black Cat starts to appear:

Here she is now through the eyes of Kris Ezergailis of

Personally though, I think she makes a better Super-girl than Black Cat.

Again through the eyes of Kris Ezergailis of

Especially when she's goofing around with Ardella Cosplay dressed as Power-Girl:

Black-Cat as Super-Girl Again this time through the eyes of Panda Photography:

Do check out the Black Cat on her Facebook page. We close with a photo of her dressed as one of Tony Starks Ironettes from the Second Iron Man film - photo by


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