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STAR WARS: Yuuzhan Vong

Presenting a Yuuzhan Vong warrior from the STAR WARS 2009 Comic Book Action Figure 2-Pack that included Jedi Master Kyle Katarn (Best known as the player-character in the STAR WARS: Dark Forces video games).

The Yuuzhan Vong, or "Children of Yun-Yuuzhan" or the "Chosen Race" were responsible for the destruction of the New Republic, and the deaths of nearly 365 Trillion sentient beings throughout the galaxy including Anakin Solo (Youngest son of Princess Leia and Han Solo), Chewbacca, Admiral Ackbar (though technically he died of natural causes), Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya (Finally and long overdue) the establishment of the "Sword of the Jedi" - Jaina Solo, the formation of the Galactic Alliance which now included the Imperial Remnant, and the planting of the seeds that would lead Jacen Solo to eventually fall to the Dark Side and become Darth Caedus.

The Vong were hulking accomplished warriors skilled in hand-to-hand bio-tech weaponry and garbed in Vonduun Crab Armor that was actually capable of stopping lightsaber blows and armed with amphistaffs - living serpents that could also resist lightsaber blows, and, at a touch from their Vong owners, become stiff spears, slashing weapons, whips or even released on its own to deliver venom filled bites.

But perhaps their greatest advantage was that they could not be perceived in the Force - which created all sorts of difficult situations for the the defending Jedi who were forced to adapt their tactics to an invisible opponent.

The Yuuzhan Vong are xenophobic zealots who believe that all forms of technology that is not biology based is heresy and must be destroyed. This was drawn out of the fact that historically they were involved in a war between two robotic races and were only saved because their planet, Yuuzhan'tar, provided them with biological technology.

Unfortunately the Vong became more warlike and after the war, they turned against each other and eventually their planet was destroyed. Because they had developed a symbiotic relationship with Yuuzhan'tar by then  - because of all the biotechnology - they suddenly lost their connection with the Force when their planet was killed. Filled with the pain of loss, they eventually turned to physical pain to help cope with the loss, embracing pain with a masochistic zeal.

The Yuuzhan Vong also saw the grafting of biotechnology directly into their bodies as an ultimate form of standing in society - one earned through great feats in combat.

What's to like about the STAR WARS Yuuzhan Vong?

How can one not appreciate the detailing that went into the creation of this action figure?

And I'm not just referring to the intricate, organic patterns of his Vonduum Crab armor, but the painting of this figure. The Yuuzhan vong Warrior looks almost hand-painted. You can see the textured differences on his chest plates, his arms, and the entire scale-armor running down his back - it's simply exquisite and not something that you get often in the "clean sci-fi universe" of STAR WARS.

The Vonduum Crab armor is also book accurate showing the weak points - unarmored to be at the armpits and groin area where the plates do not overlap.

The detailing of the Yuuzhan Vong warrior also makes him an imposing and scary figure - and I'm not just talking about the bit in his mouth (Which is a wonderful touch). The Vong has blades almost everywhere. Fighting him close up will either get you scratched one way or another or cause you to loose your blade if you're using a Lightsaber. In fact it doesn't look like he needs his amphistaff.

And lastly, he's HUGE (4.75" tall) - including the ability to grip a regular STAR WARS character's head in his hand! Which grants this particular Yuuzhan Vong character the ability to play with his enemies before he eats them:

What's NOT to like about the STAR WARS Yuuzhan Vong?

The only thing that I can think of that's wrong with this figure is that it's not packaged individually and doesn't come with interchangeable armor because I would love to have an army of these bad-boys hanging around. It almost beats a Storm Trooper collection in my opinion but spending to buy a 2-pack seems like such a waste because I would not be able to sell that many Kyle Katarns individually.

Also there are some issues with the articulation - I wish he had the new G.I. Joe wrist articulation and ankle joints, but other than that? There's nothing wrong with this figure.

The STAR WARS 2009 Comic Book Action Figure 2-Pack that includes a Yuuzhan Vong warrior Jedi Master Kyle Katarn is available on Amazon for between US$ 34.99 to US$ 41.77 (Between PhP 1,500 to PhP 1,700 plus shipping).


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