Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Margie Cox - Star Sapphire

Presenting Cosplayer Margie Cox as the Star Sapphire. A few weeks back when we reviewed the  Star Sapphire , I got into a discussion over the practicality of the  Star Sapphire 's costume.

I mentioned in the discussion that I actually knew - rather followed - one of the more popular Cosplayers made famous for her portrayal of the  Star Sapphire but for the life of me at that time I could not remember who it was.

I finally had time to look for her last night and I found her.

Her name is Margie Vizcarra Cox, from Atlanta Georgia. She's the Coordinator of the Local Branch of Heroes Alliance of Atlanta. Google Star Sapphire Cosplay and you'll find tons of her photos in the infamous pink body-suit - though she also does a mean Catwoman, She-Hulk  and Wonderwoman.

And before you get your hopes up, she's married to a Green Lantern:

Photos courtesy of Bodhi Tree Photography.

Here are some of her photos as Star Sapphire, credits unknown:

Here are some of her photos as Catwoman and WonderWoman.

Do check out Margie Vizcarra Cox's Facebook page.


  1. you are such a Beautifull Cosplay Lady, the Most!!!
    Let you a kiss of admiration to you...
    El Sensei Pedro

    1. Thanks! But I'm not her :) Do visit her Facebook page


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