Friday, April 20, 2012

Green Lantern Sinestro

Presenting Green Lantern Sinestro from Series 5 of DC Direct's Green Lantern toy series. If you've been following the cartoon, then you know that following the results of the War of the Green Lanterns, Thaal Sinestro was chosen by a Green Power Ring - that has since resisted all efforts to be removed (Even by the Guardians) - and has been reinstated as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (Earth) replacing Hal Jordan whom the Guardians had perceived as the greatest threat in the Universe (Despite having saved their asses again) despite massive protests from the rest of the Green Lantern Corp.

Since then he's been bothering Hal Jordan and doing things that Hal Jordan never even thought possible - like creating what appears to be a semi-permanent construct Power Ring for Hal Jordan; creating temporary power-rings for at least fifty trapped Korugarians; Using his Lantern as a flying battering ram to kill a member of the Sinestro Corp and to free him from prison, and; Stating that he has not once, but twice destroyed a power-ring through sheer will - a fact that Hal Jordan did not think possible, failing to remember that Ganthet - the Guardian of the Universe who had stepped down to become a Green Lantern - had done just such a feat recently (Though it cost him a hand).

Green Lantern Sinestro's blister card reads that he was sculpted by Jean St. Jean - best known for his work on action figures for BattleStar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer;  a Bust of Commander Cody from Stat Wars and the recently released Marvel Select Gambit figure.

What's so interesting about the blister card is that it erroneously depicts Green Lantern Sinestro's power-ring to be on his right hand.

Sinestro is a lefty and has been one for practically forever. His name is also derived from the Latin "Sinister" which means "Left Hand" The only other Green Lantern known to wear a ring on his left-hand is Allan Scott - who is not a Green Lantern in the technical sense.

What's to like about Green Lantern Sinestro?

Well evil rarely looks this good. Everyone still thinks that Thaal Sinestro still is a member of the Sinestro Corps and is plotting the downfall of the Green Lantern Corp. That could be true. He, after all, just transported the entire Sinestro Corp, including the Sinestro Corp Lantern all the way to Oa where they now wait in holding cells, so literally there's an army on Oa waiting. That and he has no lost love for the Guardians and is still paranoid - this time rightfully so as the Guardians are plotting to replace the Corp - of their motives.

His fate as hero or villain has yet to be established, but right now? He looks good! He has the most detailed and best looking uniform of all the Green Lanterns in my collection thanks to the simple addition of piping and arm bands to his uniform which gives him a more armored look versus the standard uniform of a Green Lantern.

Jean St. Jean also took the opportunity to reduce the size of Sinestro's head - as you can see in the photos of Green Lantern Sinestro versus Sinestro Lantern Sinestro above. It looks like he just has a receding hairline now or balding from age rather than a huge head.

He even looks better than Hal Jordan. Personally I hope he stays a Green Lantern. Hal could stand to learn a lot from him.

What's NOT to like about Green Lantern Sinestro?

It's from DC Direct. So it barely moves.That's about it.


Green Lantern Sinestro is available on Amazon for a disappointing low of US$ 13.80 (Roughly PhP 600 plus shipping) and a high of US$16.17 (Roughly PhP 700 plus shipping). This particular Green Lantern Sinestro was purchased for around Php 1,100 (US$ 25.50). Still a wonderful cap for a Green Lantern Collection


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