Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cosmic Spear Loki - Avengers Movie Series

Presenting the Cosmic Spear Loki from the upcoming Avengers Movie toyline. If you saw both the Captain America: First Avenger and Thor movies, then you saw the Cosmic Cube that was wielded by the Red Skull as nothing more than a destructive power source (Which, if you follow Marvel comic book lore which may not be true for the movies, is a drastic under-use of the powers of a Cosmic Cube), and you saw Loki (Played by Tom Hiddleston who reprises his role in the upcoming Avengers movie and reportedly will again play Loki in Thor 2) fall from the heavens to Earth.

Well now Loki has the Cosmic Cube and this time it's in the hands of someone who knows how to use it - and he put it on the tip of a really cool spear that would fit right in with the Lord of the Rings. Hasbro has captured the villain that forced the assembly of  Earth's Mightiest in an action figure heralding the launch of the movie in May (Base not included)

Cosmic Spear Loki's blister card reads "Even after being cast into the dark place between world, Loki continued to plot the downfall of Earth and Asgard. Patient years spent exploring the dark nowhere have finally led him back to the world of light, where his diabolical plans threaten all of creation."

I wonder if that's a spoiler alert. Loki spent "years" exploring the void? His presence on Earth seemed immediate after Thor, so the Avengers movie will definitely have some explaining to do - including how Thor is able to return to Earth with the Rainbow Bridge destroyed.

Cosmic Spear Loki comes with only two accessories: the Spear that bears the Cosmic Cube in it and  a battle staff that has slide out snap-out blades on one-side.

What's to like about the Avengers Movie Series Cosmic Spear Loki?

I have to say Cosmic Spear Loki looks good. The trickster god, garbed in Gold and Black Elven Mail and leather, would fit right into the Lord of the Rings trilogy and pretty I'm sure that the armorer due inspiration from the movie trilogy. The only thing not LOTR about Cosmic Spear Loki is his helmet - which is classic Loki.

I love the tiny detailing that Hasbro put into Loki's armor, his spear, and even his horns.

What's NOT to like about the Avengers Movie Series Cosmic Spear Loki?

The flabbergasting articulation. As we've seen with Captain America the Hasbro's Avengers Movie Toy series seems to be plagued by articulation problems. At first they seem promising - Arms and legs that can be raised, twisted and turned every each way, then you start noticing the smaller things: Torso can't twist, wrists don't twist, no ankles. Unless you have a snap on-stand or near infinite patience to balance the toys, they tend to be quite challenging to pose.

Cosmic Spear Loki has the same problems. I'm particularly disappointed about the lack of wrists because it limited what you could do with his staff. He come with two battle staffs, so it would be nice if he had the wrists to fight with them. Also his other hand is closed. He has some difficulty holding the "cosmic cube" staff with his right hand - in the same way that Gambit has problems holding his bo-staff (At least he has two open hands) -  so support from the left would have been appreciated.

The flexibility of his shoulder joint helps compensate for the lack of wrists, but there's only so much that they shoulders could do.

Cosmic Spear Loki is quite rare here in the Philippines - though this could change - and this particular one was purchased at Toy Kingdom for PhP 549.75 (Roughly US$12.78). He's strangely not as expensive as I would have thought he would be on Amazon - which is why I have reservations as to his scarcity - where he's available for somewhere between US$ 10 to US$ 14.39 (Roughly PhP 430 to PhP 613 plus shipping).

We close with a possible image of things to come:

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  1. Great stuff, dude! Have not picked up much from this line because of the articulation like you said. Did have this in hand once and despite the pretty looking sculpt, I had to pass on the poor PoAs.


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