Thursday, April 26, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men - the Dungeon's visual opinion

Presenting my visual opinion of what Cyclops really needs after two issues of Avengers vs. X-Men (AVX) 1 & 2.

And we have one more stab at the leader of half the X-Men after the jump!

Presenting the REAL reason why Cyclops has gone to war with the Avengers:

He can't keep his women.

Left to right: Logan and Jean; Stark, Emma and Namor, Magneto and Lee Forrester (Shana the She-Devil filling in since this was how she was last portrayed anyway. Missing from this visual insult is his brother Havok who had a brief stint with Madeline Pryor - because I don't have a Madaline Pryor action figure.

By: Denis del Callar

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