Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ardella Cosplay

Photo by Andy Wana:
Photo by Andy Wana:
Presenting Aussie Cosplayer Ardella - best known for her Cosplay renditions of Power-Girl, Black Canary and Poison Ivy among others.

 I got introduced to Ardella's work via another Cosplayer who is more famous for dressing up as video-game characters to create split-screen videos where she plays both the violin and piano, Lara - she does a mean "Game of Thrones" intro.

Anyway, this buxom blonde - sometimes red-head - is really a brunette named Beck - at least I hope it's Beck, her accent is a bit thick as she readily admits on her YouTube page.

Check out her photos after the jump.

Ardella Cosplay as Power-Girl. Photos by Kris Ezergailis of

Ardella Cosplay as Poison-Ivy. Photos by Kris Ezergailis of

And we close with Ardella Cosplay as the Black Canary. Photos by Kris Ezergailis of

Though personally, I think she looks best as Power-Girl Photo by Kris Ezergailis of

Here's her Youtube video featuring her transformation into Power-Girl:

She also has an official Facebook page.

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