Monday, March 26, 2012

Transformers Powercore Combiners: Bombshock & the Combaticons

Presenting Bombshock and the Combaticons from the Transformers Powercore Combiners toy series. We first showed Bombshock and his Combaticon drones when we showcased Grimstone and his Dinobots, but we only used him as a reference comparison between the two Power Core Combiners.

But since we'd already shot, him, why not showcase him?

Unlike Grimstone, Bombshock does exist in regular Transformers lore. Originally he was an old, bitter, backstabbing Decepticon Micromaster - literally tiny fuel-efficient Transformers. Although later on in the "Return of Convoy" Manga he was a childlike, joyous Autobot. He again reverted to being a bitter, old Decepticon with "Fight till I die" (And he did at the hands of Optimus Prime) in the novels.

Powercore Combiners do not exist in the regular lore of the Transformers so like Grimstone, Bombshock is a figment of someone's imagination at Hasbro. However, unlike Grimstone who I saw as a juvenile Autobot out to prove himself, Bombshock is still pretty much the same little Micromaster - which fits because some Micromasters are Combiners (Only Bombshock combines with Drones - who won't backstab him - and not other Micromasters) - especially after you read his blister card.

Though when combined, he looks like a wannabee Bruticus - or his younger brother.

Bombshock's blister card reads "Bombshock was once a member of the most elite unit in the Cybertronian military. He betrayed his comrades, and his reward was to become commander of a powerful Power Core Team. Even alone, each of his drones has as much firepower as the average Autobot. Together, they are nearly unstoppable."

The blister card reads that both his Fireblast and Endurance are at level 10 and his Strength is a level 9. Bombshock's lowest skill is speed at a still respectible 6 - it pays to have long legs when combined I suppose.

The Combaticon Drones include a Missile Carrier, Tank, APC and Armored Car. Unfortunately, their size ratios are not the same - else Bombshock would have really short legs when they combined. Not much action here. Their turrents - where applicable - swivel, and they are all wheeled - no the tracks don't work.

What's to like about the Transformers Powercore Combiners Bombshock & the Combaticons?

Bombshock alone isn't such a bad looking Decepticon. He's a bit stocky and looks like he's in a dress, but there's no getting past how threatening those twin-cannons look especially when you bring them down to fire.

Note the gold flecks on his nicely detailed face.

Articulation is about average. His size and body-parts tend to get in the way most of the time - wat with that huge backpack and short legs - he really does look like he's wearing a skirt, but that skirt also allows him to twist his torso.

He transforms into a mobile-artillery piece which we'll talk about later on.

When the five combine, Bombshock is actually quite menacing. In fact you may look at him as an aspirational - or poor-man's -  Bruticus and the two actually look alike (Photo courtesy of

I'm particularly fond of the detailing that went into Bombshock's head and the sturdy look of his chest-plate. He looks like something that crawled out of a military vehicle depot: metallic, clawed, heavily armed and carrying a very bad attitude.

Bombshock also comes with an extremely high-level of articulation given that he can actually do what most Transformers cannot do: Twist his torso!

What's NOT to like about the Transformers Powercore Combiners Bombshock & the Combaticons?

When I first transformed Bombshock, I realized that there was something wrong with either the instructions or the Mobile Artillery Vehicle that he transforms in as the side panels refused to lock in place with distorting Bombshock's body. 

A quick glance at Bombshock's wiki revealed: "All known samples of Bombshock have assembly errors in the legs. First, the lower legs are attached to the wrong thighs. While this doesn't affect either robot mode at all, in vehicle mode it makes the wheels uneven, plus difficult to snap the vehicle side-panels properly into place. Thankfully, this is a simple swap since the legs are not "permanently" affixed to the hips. Less easy to fix is that the "power up" mode knee drone-connectors are backwards, giving them a full 90-degree bend in the wrong direction, and limited movement the way they should bend. This requires unscrewing the leg, swapping the joints, and placing them reversed in the opposite leg." 

A quick switch and he was fine. To be fair to Hasbro though, I did not experience the "90-degree bend in the wrong direction" problem. The knee joint can be bent normally (Though it can also go the other way). 

The next biggest problem is the one we discussed when we showcased Grimstone and his Dinobots: His "feet" cannot really support his weight and give under him. So if you've noticed, most of his poses have him being supported by the wall - which is sad since it makes him kinda whimpy.

This Transformers Powercore Combiners: Bombshock and the Combaticons was purchased on sale last Christmas from SM Shoemart here in the Philippines for PhP 500 (US$ 11.62). He's still available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 20.00 (PhP 860 plus shipping)


  1. Among most of the POwer Core Combiners. I like Bombshock and the Combaticons the most. i've only got Steam Hammer and the COnstructicons >_<

    1. Ah lucky you, I've only seen that set once. Do check out Grimstone and his Dinobots - they're really cool:


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