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Transformers Power Core Combiners: Grimstone and the Dinobots

Presenting the Mighty Grimstone and the Dinobot Drones from the Transformers Power Core Combiners series. While wiki-ing this particular Dinobot combination for this article, google revealed that I had previously endorsed a review by a fellow blogger on a group blog that I also write for: Transformers Philippines.

The write-up, written by Slangards - the infamous Hippopatami on the Lam, now presents a unique dilemma for me because ... well he didn't like Grimstone and the Dinobots. I chanced upon a set, and.... I do.

So this is the dissenting opinion.

Transformers Powercore Combiners are really not a part of any Transformers continuity. At best we can say that the line started because of the Transformers Energon Optimus Prime - which had Optimus Prime linking up with four "Drones" to form a stronger individual. 

Someone from Hasbro ran with it and created nostalgic pieces from Transformers lore and introduced new drones i.e. the Transformers Decepticon Powercore Combiner Bombshock looks like Bruticus and this particular set hypes heavily on the beloved Dinobots. 

Sans an actual lore, the fun part about this particular set is that it gives you the freedom to create your own Lore - most of which can be picked up from the packaging. 

Take Grimstone for instance, a Dinobot that dreams of more power, so he undergoes the Power Core Combination procedure to get it. His blister pack reads "Grimstone has always dreamed of power and the privilege it brings. Despite his hunger for power, however, he has always considered the needs of others before himself. He believes it is the responsibility of the powerful to protect those less fortunate - a belief he intends to aggressively enforce now that he has his own Power Core team." 

Grimstone, the way he's designed, and the way he looks conveys just such an insecurity - as a robot, he's pretty pathetic. I mean look at him! Stubby arms and legs and walks around like he has a watermelon between his legs!

When he transforms, he's a pathetic looking copy of Slag - the Dinobot Triceratops. In fact, a lot of people have pointed out that he's not even a Triceratops! A lot of people think that he's a Styracosaurus, the one horned cousin of the Triceratops. Though honestly, having watched too much Discovery channel, we know this to be false because Styracosaurus only has ONE horn. People who consider Grimstone to be a Styracosaurus discount the two horns behind his eyes. Grimstone is clearly a juvenile Triceratops - possible the son of Slag (Why not?), which further explains his insecurity and need for power. Though personally I think he's a Centrosaurus - look it up. The Centrosaurus is closer in appearance to Grimstone than a Styracosaurus because a Centrosaurus still retains vetigal horns behind the eyes like a Triceratops. 

And when you put him next to a Dinobot like,,,, Oh say..... Grimlock. You can see that's he's really nothing more than a really small Autobot - or indeed an infant who wants to one day be as big as his Daddy Grimlock. (Grimlock and Slag sitting in a tree.......K.I.S.S.......)

Grimstone draws this additional power by combining with his four drones:
A) An Akylosaurus Drone that form s Grimstone's right leg;
B) A Pachycephalosaurus that forms his right leg;
C) A Parasaurolophus which forms his left arm, and;
D) A Dinobot mis-indentified in the packaging as a Spinosaurus - The drone that forms Grimestone's right arm is clearly a Dimetrodon. The two are similar, only in their use of a Solar Sail.

The Akylosaurus Drone:

The (Ask me to spell that without the internet) Pachycephalosaurus:

The Parasaurolophus Drone:

And the Dimetrodon

 You might argue that they're not size proportionate - but then neither is Sludge from the original Dinobots. Besides, the four Autobots are non-sentient Drones who form arms and legs for the Mighty Grimstone, they just have to be proportionate to him, not to each other. 

The four form Grimstone's limbs as follows:

And his legs. Note the Akylosaurus. I have to concede that that looks so wrong. It looks painful.

 But having a sexually abused Akylosaurus for a leg is in my opinion the only thing wrong with the Transformers Power Core Combiner Grimstone. As with all the Transformers Power Core Combiners, he cannot bend his elbows, but the wider stance of his "feet" (Thanks to the tails) allow him far more pose-ability than most Transformers Power Core Combiners. 

Consider this montage of the Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone's photos next to the Transformers Power Core Combiners Bomshock's photos:

It's already evident in the first photo set where Bombshock is leaning against the wall to stand as his feet are too small to support the weight of the Combiners. No such problem with Grimstone.

This second photo set shows roughly the maximum that you can pose Bombshock without leaning him versus  the photo of Grimstone which can stand with one foot balanced on it's toe.

And Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone looks kick-ass! He looks like like a Dinobot should: Rough, Jagged, Powerful - like a Barbarian Warrior, not a Knight - FIERCE!!!

Now if only they gave Grimstone a sword! 

I chanced upon this Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone and the Dinobots set in JAE Collectibles in Megamall here in the Philippines where he set me back PhP 995 (Roughly US$ 23). He's still available in Amazon for as high as US$ 32 plus shipping (Roughly PhP 1,591 plus shipping) 

Oh by the way, if you're into it, Grimstone also makes a pretty good Zoid! That's a one man cock-pit up front. 

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