Tuesday, March 6, 2012

McFarlane Halo 3 Warthog

Presenting McFarlane toy's Halo 3 Warthog. Sometime in 2008 with the launch of the third installment of the X-Box's premiere kick-ass game Halo, McFarlane toys launched a toyline for the game.

McFarlane released a comprehensive and highly detailed and articulated  series of Covenant and UNSC characters including various variants of the SPARTANs that were between four point seventy-five and seven inches tall.

McFarlane also decided to create and distribute highly detailed - down to the weathering, no battle damage though - Halo 3 vehicles which included the Covenant Ghost, the Brute Chopper and this UNSC Warthog.

What's to like about the Halo 3 Warthog?

The detailing! The detailing is even better than the detailing that went into the Halo: Reach Warthog.

As you can see in the photos below you can see the mud splatter, the environmental weathering, the individual bullets feeding the chain-gun (The ammo belt is soft to the touch by the way), the gun-metal finish of the chain-gun, the battering of the interior (Looks like someone stomped through it), and even the leather finish of the seats and dash panels:

The Halo 3 series Warthog also comes with a base panel with a stand that clips onto the center bottom of the vehicle forming an elevated pivot point for displaying the Warthog. We should take the time to note that the individual suspension system that exists in the Halo: Reach Warthog can also be felt here and the chain-gun can rotate but not elevate.

What's to NOT to like about the Halo 3 Warthog?

This is my ride?
Oh.... I dunno. Do you see anything wrong? It's on tip of my tongue. Help me out here. 

The Halo 3 Warthog is almost 4" long and stands no  more than 2" tall - without the stand. I honestly believe that when this came out the uproar was so big - pun intended - that McFarlane toys had to release the big version when Halo: Reach came along. 

Which probably explains why I picked this up on sale for PhP 100 (Roughly US$ 2) - still in it's pristine box - at a flea market a few years ago. It's strangely still available on Amazon for as low as US$ 6 plus shipping (Roughly PhP 258)

It's a nice display piece - especially if you want to keep it on a desk at the office - but I still prefer the big-boy:

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