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Green Lantern Arisia - Blackest Night Series 3

Presenting Green Lantern Arisia from wave 3 of the Blackest Night Action figure series. As I thought about what to upload into the Dungeon this sleepy early morning, I realized that it's St. Patrick's day on the other side of the world. Hence giving the majority of the readers of this blog something Green.... well mostly Orange... and hot... seemed the appropriate thing to do.

So here she is! Arisia Rrab, the golden-skinned teenager who was one of the original members of Earth's Green Lantern Corp who subconsciously commanded her ring to age her because the love of her life Hal Jordan would not give her the time of day (Because statutory rape is statutory rape in any part of the galaxy). This infatuation  - or a teen fetish in her DC creators: Mike W. Barr (Reverse Barr and it's her surname), Len Wein & Joe Staton - probably explains her desire to go around with almost as little clothing as a Star Sapphire.

It worked though and Hal Jordan and the buxom force-blossomed woman with the mind of a 13 year-old became a couple (In the recent words of Prince Namor and Hope of the X-Men "Ick, Ick, Ick!" I suppose movies like Lolita and Sabrina were in fashion at the time.). Eventually they would break it off and maintain a strained friendship till her death at the hands of Major Force.

But no one stays dead forever and Arisia would rise again as apparently her body had just send her into a form of healing stasis.  Arisia would eventually re-establish her position as a member of the Green Lantern Corp - still dressed as she is but with a more mature, womanly, disposition and is actually assigned to baby-sit Sodam Yat, the next host of Ion, the embodiment of the Green Lantern Corp who seemingly perishes saving his home planet of Daxam.

Till the events of Brightest Day - as predicted in a dream by Arisia.

Arisia Rrab was released as a part of Series 3 of the Green Lantern Blackest Night Line of DC Direct along with the Star Sapphire Carol Ferris (Not the one we just featured); the Black Lantern Aquaman; and, Larfreeze, the Orange Lantern.

Her blister card reads: "Green Lantern Arisia: After replacing her father as the Green Lantern of Sector 2815, Arisia of Graxos IV had a long career as a member of the Corps. Believed to have perished in the Emerald Twilight, Hal Jordan discovered her alive on the Manhunter home world - used as a power source for the Cyborg Superman in service to the renewed AntiMonitor. Arisia rejoined the Corps continuing to represent the Green Power of Will in the Blackest Night."

What's to like about Green Lantern Arisia Rrab?

Well this is the first and, if I'm right, ONLY action figure of Arisia Rrab ever to be created. Sculpted by Karen Palinko, Arisia Rrab's design is not a pedophile's dream come true. Despite the fact that most of her assets are hanging out, her design is still not as in your face as Power Girl's Sculpt or even the Star Sapphires'.

It could be the alien skin-color and the really weird eyes.

I do appreciate that she is comic-book accurate: a young woman with the ability to overcome great fear with a hopeful look on her face that belies much experience and maturity -definitely no longer a child (Thank God). The only thing "non-human" about her other than her skin and eyes are her ears.

What's NOT to like about Green Lantern Arisia Rrab?

DC Direct's low articulation as usual. There's also something really weird about the sculpt of her arms. There's no.... form. No muscle tone whatsoever which makes her arms look more like tentacles than actual arms. 

In fact the only muscle tone on her - which is minuscule is in her legs. In fact I don't know if anyone has noticed but with the exception of Star Sapphire, none of the female Green Lanterns are actually physically fit - which is in sharp contrast to the solidly built male Green Lanterns. 

She also comes with a Lantern, but, as you can see from her hands, she has no way of holding it. At best you can invert her hand and have it hang there. 

The Green Lantern Blackest Night Series 3 Arisia Rrab is available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 51 (roughly PhP 2,100 plus shipping). Which only goes to show just how rare she is being the only Arisia Rrab action figure in the market. I do believe I was able to purchase her for half that price PhP 1,150 through Comic Odyssey in Robinson's Galleria when the series first came out.  

No. She's not for sale. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! : )
I see London, I see France, I see Arisia's.......

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