Tuesday, March 6, 2012

G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi

Presenting the G.I. Joe Elite Combat Trooper Sci-Fi from their 30th Anniversary series. I find it slightly amusing that Hasbro released Sci-Fi (Green), Airtight (Yellow), Law & Order (Blue) and Lifeline (Red) all at the same time. All we need now is the Pink Ranger.

What's interesting is that three of those four Joes are my favorites, particularly Sci-Fi and Airtight. I was a fan of Sci-Fi's uniform back in the 80s. I used to pretend that he was actually a super-hero and he had the ability to fly and crash through things like Cannonball did - and the X-Men's Cannonball did sport a similar helmet back in the day.

Twenty-years later, I look at him and wonder what kind of idiot walks into a battlefield asking to be shot? That uniform is so gaudy I bet that it glows in the dark.

No way is G.I. Joe Sci-Fi a front-line trooper. But given his description, he really is someone who hangs back and releases an unrelenting beam of light. Which probably explains the uniform - even from afar, the Cobras just need to follow the light-beam back to where he's shooting, so maybe that's why he doesn't bother with the camouflage.

Or Sci-Fi just wants to be a power-ranger - especially with that new blast-shield helmet.

G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi's blister card reads that his real name is Specialist (E4) Seymour P. Fine from Geraldine, Montana and it further reads "Sci-Fi is a laser trooper who is a master of precision and patience. A laser weapon requires someone who can hold his position for an extended time. 

Sci-Fi is perfect for the job because he's a slow-moving, easy-going guy, and an experienced Marksman. He can keep perfectly still as the laser burns through enemy weapon systems in a continuous-burst beam."

Sci-Fi comes armed with a L-LAT (Laser Assault Targeting) Weapon, a removable helmet, another helmet with a blast-shield, a power hose, and a power source backpack. The blister card mentions the existence of a support rifle and an argon-burst laser rifle, but this time I'm pretty sure he doesn't have those. You can also remove his chest armor. The L-Lat snaps rather loosely to a square peg on the power-pack.

What's to like about the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi?

The detailing that went into him, particularly the removable helmet is a wonderful and welcome surprise. It's a fine example of how, as technology goes by, our toys become better and better. The helmet is not tight, Sci-Fi's head is not deformed, and the helmet looks just right for him.

I also appreciate that Hasbro gave him a second helmet - almost as if they wanted to show off that they can do it (And I do stand in awe) - and while I do not particularly care for the full blast shield look of the helmet, it provides Sci-Fi with a more modern, and practical, twist that a lot of people may appreciate. You can even actually consider the 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi to be a troop-building figure and build an army of blast-shield down Sci-Fi's to back up one lead.

I'm sure by now you've already noted the detailing in his L-LAT. This is not the original rifle that Sci-Fi had back in the 80s. Back then it was a XH 66 LLOM though both are sniper-weapons given their scopes. Despite being a Laser Rifle, the XH 66 LLOM had what looked like an ammunition cartridge attached to it. These were similar to the cartridges strapped to his legs. 

The new modern L-Lat is entirely power-pack reliant, so I'm not sure what the cartridges that are attached to the modern G.I. Joe Sci-Fi are for or why they need wire feeds. My guess is that they have something to do with electronic remote controls as G.I. Joe Sci-Fi's Secondary Military Specialty is Electronics and he actually left the team to finish his Masters in Electrical Engineering and became responsible for the security of the G.I. Joe Headquarters. He also became a member of the Star Brigade and  once piloted the USS Defiant shuttle to save the Earth from a doomsday weapon (According to his Wiki). 

And despite lacking the new wrist articulation, his articulation is still pretty good:

What's NOT to like about the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi?

There's something wrong with how shiny the 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi is. Particularly his face. It looks almost like he's been sweating - which is probably true inside that suit - and I actually conidered powdering him just so that his face would not be so shiny. 

Next up is because of the bulkiness of his forearm, he actually has difficulty grasping his L-LAT. His forearms reminded me of the Pursuit of Cobra's forearms, but no, as best as I can tell, the 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi is not a re-tool of Lowlight. G.I. Joe Sci-Fi cannot stare down the barrel of his weapon.

And, well, the rubber tube is back. That's not really a bane or a boon thanks to it's nostalgia factor, but as expected it keeps popping out at the most inappropriate of times. It has a life of it's own. Thank God it's long. I'm considering cutting it. 

Still, the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi is a wonderful upgraded addition to anybody's collection and a must grab if you find one. This particular Sci-Fi was bought off E-bay for PhP 825 - including shipping (Roughly US$ 19.18). Maybe I should have waited for him to become available on Amazon where he sells for around US$ 10 plus shipping.

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