Thursday, March 1, 2012

DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power Girl

Presenting Power Girl from the DC Direct Infinite Crisis toy series. Before I started the review, I was wondering if it would actually be possible to go through it without discussing her two most powerful assets. And quite frankly it's just not possible.

They're huge! They're simply huge! The Black Canary has called them a "National Treasure!" They're two ginormous fun bags that are impossible to miss and HARD to miss because of that BIG hole in the front of her uniform that's there because - in her words - "I couldn’t think of anything. I thought eventually, I’d figure it out. And close the hole. But I haven’t"

Power Girl is also quoted as saying that the hole in her uniform "shows what I am: female, healthy. If men want to degrade themselves by staring, that's their problem, I'm not going to apologize for it."

Seriously!!!???? How can men NOT stare! Take this sculpt for example. No matter how you light it, or how you look at it. The subject of this sculpt is that big hole in her uniform and the two bazookas inside. It's a wonder that one or the other doesn't pop out while she's in combat. How could they not? Maybe the pipping running up the front two sides are indicative of a support system.

Speaking of mushmellons: Did you know that there's actually a website that lists 262 slang terms for U-boats? 

What's to like about DC Direct's Infinite Crisis Power Girl?

Her Thingumajigs obviously! Okay. I think I've gotten Power Girl's Dueling Banjos out of my system. 

The DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power Girl was sculpted by John G. Matthews based upon the artwork of Phil Jimenez as he portrayed her in the Infinite Crisis series. And Matthews delivered! I have to say that I'm personally not a fan of distorted action figures that take their cue from how they were presented in the comic books or in the cartoons. 

Matthews delivered a Power Girl who is very realistic and true to what Power Girl was conceived to be: Literally a power-house. Not an Amazon; not a waif of a woman with Kryptonian powers; but - like her cousin Superman - a well built, muscular hero with the physique of a body builder that barrels through the bad-guys.

But Matthews did not go overboard and make her look like a transvestite. No. Power Girl maintains her sex-appeal and beauty despite being built like a tank. And this is also reflected in her face - beautiful, but stern, confident and full of fight - just like Superman.

I'm particularly fond of the subtle muscles that Matthews built into DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power Girl's long legs: They're sinewy and have a coil to them that tell you that she's ready to spring into action. 
There's also a lot of other detailing that went into DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power  Girl, particularly when it comes to her gloves and boots. Matthews actually sculpted zippers as part of the detailing for all of them - though I forgot to shoot the zippers in the arms, you can actually glimpse a bit of them in some of the photos.

What's NOT to like about DC Direct's Infinite Crisis Power Girl?

Well it's a DC Direct figure so don't expect much in terms of articulation. What you see here is all you get. Her left arm is further hampered in range thanks to that golden plate on her shoulder - it keeps the arm from going straight up. 

Other than that, Power Girl is one of the best figures to ever come out of DC Direct. 

I've had the DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power Girl for quite some time now. I unfortunately do not recall how much I paid for her, but I do remember buying her at a retail store and not on the black-market. Today, the DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power Girl is currently not available on Amazon. I understand that she's a bit of a collector's item. 

With Tartugas like that, it's easy to see why. 


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  2. Hey sorry! It took me a while to figure out how you by-passed Disqus:) Anyway, sure! Ping away :D

  3. Love me some PeeGee, currently bidding on one like this in your article, aesthetically it speaks to me more than the ones from the DC Universe, Superman/Batman:Wanted or the classic DC Direct line


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