Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Avengers: Captain America Goliath Assault Tank

Presenting Captain America's Goliath Assault Tank from the Avengers Movie Toy-line. No one knows if he'll actually be driving one in the movie.

Whenever someone mentions the name Goliath, the image that immediately pops to mind is not anyone from the Marvel or DC universe, but a very deep voice that goes "Goliath On-line" followed by the appearance of a menacing anti-aircraft/anti-personnel bipedal walker (Ain't Starcraft cool?)

So I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that Captain America's Goliath is so.... small - though size doesn't matter (So they say).

Hasbro's product information on the Goliath Assault Tank reads: "Captain America has had some trouble adjusting to the modern era, but there’s one thing he loves about the 21st century – the state-of-the-art combat vehicles! The Goliath Assault Tank combines speed, firepower, and indestructible armor into a single unstoppable assault package. With Cap at the wheel, this vehicle can demolish any opposition!

Defend and destroy with your Captain America Goliath Assault Tank vehicle! Flip open the cockpit and sit your figure inside. Does he need backup? The tank can carry up to three figures! (Other figures each sold separately.) Ambush the enemy with two different modes – rush into battle in Speed Attack Mode, then switch to Heavy Assault Mode, drop your missile into place and fire away!

Figure comes with vehicle, canons and launching missile."

 What's NOT to like about Captain America's Goliath Assault Tank?

We're switching the format of this blog just this once because the opening picture already has something that is absolutely abhorrent and I have to get it out of the way.

The Captain America that accompanies the Goliath SUCKS!!!! It's a throwback to the early 80s where action figures just move their arms and legs up and down. And he has a funny look on his face and doesn't have a shield. He looks like a freakin BLOW-UP DOLL!!!!.

Simplest solution? Buy another Captain America.
I'll take it from here son.
But if you do, note that Captain America's shield cannot fit through the top hatch. You will have to open the full canopy to get Captain America and his shield inside.
Another issue that I take with the Goliath is the relatively flat bottom. There is no suspension whatsoever. It's quite reminiscent of the G.I. Joe flat-bottomed R.H.I.N.O. and the Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters:

It looked better as a G.I. Joe Vehicle.
 Can you imagine? Military vehicles stopped by speedbumps.

The next problem is the heft. To Hasbro's credit, the plastic involved in the creation of the Goliath Assault Tank is quite sturdy - especially that front ram which I feel can take a lot of beating and wear and tear. It's so solid, I actually rammed it against the wall several times just to see how the vehicle would react (A solid bang).

But the Tank is quite light. It doesn't have the same appealing, cost-satisfying weight that an assault vehicle or anything calling itself a tank should have. It about as heavy as an AWE Striker or even the Sigma 6 Night-Ops Vamp. 

The last problem I have with the Goliath Assault Tank would be the Port-Side Gatling-Gun which has what looks like snow on it. 

I have a feeling that perhaps this was originally conceived for something else - perhaps an arctic Iron-Man vehicle or a failed G.I. Joe vehicle.  

What's to like about Captain America's Goliath Assault Tank?

Once you get a new Captain America and get over the weight issues of the Goliath Assault Tank, you have to ask yourself: "Is the Goliath Assault Tank something that Captain America would drive?" And I do believe the answer is yes. Captain America is one for making a grand front entrance, so a vehicle with medium front armor, arguably strong forward penetration and a front opening canopy that he can leap from once he's broken down the front gates does sound like a vehicle that Captain America would use. 

This also probably explains why the rear armor looks thin. Captain America goes forward, not back. This vehicle is definitely not something to be used in a prolonged firefight. It's something that's probably fast and accurate - built for hit-and-run or charging action. 

As mentioned there appears to be two modes, one with the weapons on the side - the Speed Attack mode - which allows elevated weapons tracking, and; the Heavy Assault Mode which allows lateral tracking.  


Other Avengers can  climb on to the sides - where there are nice pegs to hold them in place or man the top hatch - though these will limit the tracking of the main guns. There is room for more character inside, but there's only one chair and people inside will be sitting on equipment and ammunition. 


I also like how Hasbro did not make the Goliath Assault Tank as gaudy as the Iron Man Vehicles. If I were to adapt this for G.I. Joe use, then the only problem I have would be that big glaring Avengers logo up front - unlike the Iron Man Rolling Headquarters which I had to completely repaint. But I would use him in the G.I. Joe universe as a two man scout, probably leading the way for the RHINO or the ROCC

 This particular Goliath Assault Tank was purchased at retail price from Toys R' Us here in the Philippines for PhP 999.75 (US$ 23.25). It's available on Amazon for US$ 47.85 (PhP 2,057 plus shipping). 

Now the bad news is, the Goliath Assault Tank will not remain in Captain America's hands for long as the G.I. Joe City-Strike team... strikes... again. 

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