Saturday, February 4, 2012

Marvel Universe: Psylocke

Presenting the X-Men's Psylocke from the 17th Series of the Marvel Universe action-figure line.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, AKA Psylocke and former Captain Britain, is the X-Men's resident psionic Japanese Ninja by way of English birth who recently declared her intention to be in as many X-Men teams as Wolverine used to be hence making her currently a member of the covert X-Group X-Force, a member of Storm's X-Men, and Cyclops' Extinction Team taking the place of the recently injured White Queen (She lost an arm).

I'm going to break tradition now here and point something out that's REALLY BAD about Marvel Universe Psylocke - her sword! You see that pink flimsy bent excuse for a "focused totality of her psychic powers?" It sucks. I won't even bother using it past this point because she can't really hold it and I have to keep maneuvering it around just to get a shot where it looks straight.  I initially replaced it with a 25th Anniversary Storm Shadow blade, only to realize that she has trouble gripping any blade similar in size to her original blade. Happily, the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow figure has a thicker hilt on his katana.

Marvel Universe Psylocke's blister card reads: "Psionically gifted, Psylocke uses her cognitive powers both to see the future and to shape it. While evil forces covet her constantly evolving telepathic skills, her unyielding  mental resolve has helped her emerge from situations others could never endure. She has the ability to channel her energy unleashing thunderous attacks from her fists or focusing it into her spectral psionic blade.

What's to like about Marvel Universe Psylocke?

Marvel Universe Psylocke is refreshingly articulated unlike the disappointments we had recently both with Marvel Universe X-23 and Gambit. She lives up nicely to her Ninja reputation and looks really hot. 

The detailing begins with a very nicely sculpted basic figure with a sash around her waist that's loose but cannot be removed. If you encounter Psylocke in the market, it pays to note that the detailing, particularly her face detailing probably is hand-painted, so you might want to choose a nice one before committing to buy. Otherwise, I have to say that Psylocke comes very nicely painted. 

As mentioned, the basic figure Marvel Universe Psylocke is quite nicely articulated.

Marvel Universe Psylocke also comes with the discussed Katana and her traditional psi-blade that's presented in a very nice energy web form that easily clips on:

And of course, Marvel Universe Psylocke can kneel:

What's NOT to like about Marvel Universe Psylocke?

Aside from the aforementioned problem with her sword grip, Marvel Universe Psylocke would be much better if she could twist her arms from above her elbow like most G.I. Joes can. Lacking this joint, Psylocke cannot approximate the appearance of holding a sword in both hands.

Also I don't know if you've noticed, but she doesn't have a base! Which is a both a bit shocking and disappointing especially if you want to put her up on display with the earlier Marvel Universe Action Figures.

Other than that? It's one of the best Marvel Universe characters in my collection.

This particular Marvel Universe Psylocke was purchased at a Philippine Bookstore called Filbars in Megamall, Quezon City Philippines for PhP 900 (US$ 20.45). She's available on Amazon for US$18.88 (PhP 830 plus shipping).

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